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Dec 23, 2015
I wanted to write this thread to hopefully give some people hope. If you're a member here you obviously have some interest in all things apple and you may have noticed the abundance of threads explaining how and why the newest xs and xs max are terrible. The Max has reception issues and is horrible, it has yellow tinted screens and is horrible, it kills your first born children and feeds on blood etc.

I've only had mine for a day so granted my experience so far is limited but after reading all the issues I was dreading getting the max and almost thought about canceling my order. (I'm on Tmobile for what it's worth).

Well, the screen is beautiful first of all, no yellow tint issues that I can see.

As for reception, my commute to work takes me through some very low signal areas and my 7+ would often lose the signal in a few sections. Also my work is an old 1960's era concrete building and my signal would often drop. Driving to work today there was no signal loss at all and sitting in the same chair in the same room I have a BETTER signal than my 7+. No drops yet.

I'm not saying people are just making things up so don't burn me. I'm also not saying the phone is perfect but just wanted to remind people to take a deep breath and remember that the loudest people are the ones who have complaints. For every complainer posting here there's probably hundreds of people who are so happy they have no reason to post anything.
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Jan 18, 2018
I received mine launch day and for the past week I've been thoroughly enjoying my Max. I've been lucky and haven't had any signal issues on mine, it's performed similarly so far compared to my X with a Qualcomm modem. I'm on T-Mobile as well.
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