Any 15" 2019 MacBook Pro owners here?


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Nov 10, 2011
What configuration do you have and what do you think about the 2019 keyboard?

I have the i9 512 gb 16gb of ram (base graphics card) model. This thing flies and I like the keyboard pretty good actually. How long do you plan to keep your machine? I got a good deal on this machine as an open box model and decided to jump on it. I would have paid a lot more to ge the 16" in this same model. How are you liking this MacBook so far? I also have a 13" 2018 MBP and two 12" 2017 MacBooks (one for home and one for work) and a 2017 iMac. I am still getting used to how big thing thing is but I am adjusting well.


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Oct 21, 2013
Rochester, NY
Yup. I have the i9, 1 TB, 32 GB of RAM. As I'm receiving a 16" MBP at work next week with "loaded" specs, my big challenge has been figuring out where to send my 15" MBP (won't need it anymore, and would prefer to trade it in / sell it to put toward a new family iMac at home). So far, no issues with the 2019 keyboard.

Apple still not accepting trade-ins on 2019 15" MBPs, so I'm in a holding pattern.