Any advantage in expensive screen protectors?

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    I have always kept my iPhones in a case with a screen cover (flip type), now as battery won’t last a day (iPhone 6S plus) I am using a battery case with no front. Within a couple of days the glass protector I have had on from day one of having the phone is scratched. Do I just buy a job lot of cheap screens and accept scratching and change regularity or are there some near un scratchable (sapphire) available?

    iPhone goes in pocket with keys and coins.
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    That is just crazy.
    Not gonna avoid beating up screen protector.
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    The pocket with keys comment not withstanding, expensive protectors are a waste of money. Now, when I say expensive, I am meaning the $25+ per protector range. Order yourself a set of tempered glass protectors off Amazon (some are in three packs for under $10) and be happy. I will say that you can still scratch them up, but they are mighty durable.

    However, try to remove the keys from your pocket or relocate the phone to another pocket.... Sometimes the simplest solution is the correct one.
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    Are you sure it was glass? Coins and keys are not harder than glass. Though it is possible if the protector had a coating that the coating scratched.
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    ive been using the highly regarded Spigen Glas tR for years and love them. you get two in a pack for less than 10 dollars and they are very resilient to scratches and light drops.
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    It’s marketed as a tempered glass cover. But they all seem to have coatings to reduce reflectivity and not to show fingerprints.

    It feels like the glass is scratched.

    Whilst I try to keep keys and phone separate ( now that the new cover has no front), often being right handed all the important stuff ends up in my right pocket.

    From comments here I will just buy a load of cheap glass covers and just change when the scratches bother me.
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    Thanks. Had a quick look, generally good reviews, though quite a few bad. The only problem with some reviews is you don’t know if they are reviewing a genuine item or a copy.
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    I can tell you that I’ve been using the techarmor ballistic glass since the IPhone 6S and have had no problems with them. Great customer service and they send out replacements when you break or damage the screen protector. I got a 2 pack for $7.95 for my 8.
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    I turned out to be a huge fan of the Thanotech glass. Fussy, but worth it. I should also note I have the Rhinoshield tempered glass on the way (preorders started shipping) and my primary considerations are clarity, oleophobic coatings and playing nice with a tight case, like the Rhinoshield Playproof. And Thanotech has killer customer service. I tried the amFilm glass (my favorite of the cheap glass, as well as others. They just made the screen look like crap. I think you get what you pay for in terms of clarity and transmission. The thing that concerns me about the Rhinoshield glass is the thickness, but I’ll see if it’s worth the money.

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