Any advantage to getting more ram if i don't get page outs?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Sharky II, May 11, 2007.

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    Sharky II

    Jan 6, 2004
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    A dual core 2.0ghz pci-e g5 powermac sits at the center of my studio, and i run logic pro. I have 2.5gb ram currently, but i noticed another 2gb of crucial ram wasn't that expensive.

    I don't get any page outs but was reading that osx has a funny handling of virtual memory and the more ram you add, the more it speeds up. My friend added another 2gb to his dual 2.5ghz g5 to make 4gb or so, and he said things were snappier, like expose and widgets, etc

    Would adding another 2gb to my system (to make 4.5gb in total) really make any difference? I currently don't get any pageouts in activity monitor.

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    May 10, 2005
    The page out number indicates your write activity to the swap files on your hard disk (virtual memory). If you are not getting page outs it is never writing data to the hard disk and therefore not storing active data in virtual memory. Under your current usage, it can safely be said that you will see no performance improvements from an increase in memory capacity.

    Here's a good read if you are up for it:

    I am surprised you have no page outs. I have 5GB of ram and I have 67,000 after an uptime of only 2 days.
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    Sharky II

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    United Kingdom
    Hi, thanks for that

    When i use the g5, i just run logic pro on its own, and no other applications at the same time. I usually shut the machine down at the end of each session too

    I have my powerbook that i use for all browsing/other work/non audio stuff

    Next time i launch a big project, i'll open activity monitor again to double check if i have page outs.

    Cheers buddy

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    It depends entirely on how many and how big programs you plan to open

    For a G5 (native OSX applications and no Rosetta) 2.5 Gb is pretty good.

    If you are planning to open mondo projects with multiple virtual instruments, then additional RAM may be beneficial.

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