Any advantage to Quicktime over VLC?


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May 17, 2008
So I was wondering why Apple still ships Quicktime with MacOS as video is pretty much should be an integrated part of the OS by now, there was a time when you needed "video player software" to watch a video file. With stuff like VLC which I believe more capable than Quicktime, I think its a bit redundant. I know video editors probably use it to watch their 4K output.

Anyway, I was previewing a file and decided to open it using QT instead of VLC usually, and I am not sure if my eyes deceives me but the video looks better in QT. Is my eye deceiving me, any one knows more about this? Any reason one should use QT over VLC?


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Sep 29, 2017
I would say just the opposite. QuickTime remains limited in the codecs it can handle asccompared to QuickTime which can play almost anything. For a free app it is a benchmark video player in my opinion.
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Nov 8, 2014
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QT can play iTunes DRM content, whilst VLC can't. (Though you can use a 3rd party DRM Remover).
QT (CPU - 10%, RAM - 30 MB) uses less resources than VLC (CPU - 40%, RAM - 150 MB).
I can't think of more advantages of QT over VLC.
I've been using VLC on all platforms for many years.
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