Any advice on buying a car stereo deck?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by c073186, Nov 30, 2010.

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    Okay firstly I know nothing about car stereos, etc., so if I use the wrong terminology, feel free to correct me. But... my girlfriend's car has a really awful stereo deck / faceplace - the thing that controls the radio, CD, volume, etc. It's basically unusable - so I'd like to buy a new one. I'm not looking into getting any actual speakers, etc., just the faceplate thing that controls it. Neither of us are really into music so it doesn't need to be anything fancy, just something that works. It'd be nice if it could:

    - Play radio
    - Play CD's
    - AUX input for iPod (not mandatory but preferable)

    How much would I be looking to spend for this? It's going in a Honda Civic, if that makes any difference. Is there anything in particular I should be looking out for that makes a better/worse product?

    Any help is appreciated... thanks.
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    Depends on the features, really. You can probably get a unit with what you want for somewhere around $100-150. You might also have to pay for installation (BB charges $50 and they'll de-install it when you change cars), as well as any hardware needed to properly mount it in your dash (figure another $50-100). If you just get a model with an AUX input instead of USB, you'll need a cable to connect your iPod to the stereo.

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