Any benefit to running Dual SSD's in RAID? (music editing)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by lip5016, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. lip5016, Sep 26, 2014
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    Jul 11, 2014
    Hello. Is there any benefit to running Dual SSD's in RAID on a Late 2011 MacBook Pro?

    I have 2 Samsung 850 Pro 512gb SSD's installed internally (1 in the main drive, 1 in the optical drive via OWC Data Doubler).. Both tested and running at full speed @ 6G/SATA-III..

    I do music production with tons of audio channels and tons of CPU-intensive plugins.. It's common for me to spend 12+ hours/day in Logic X, so I'm looking for maximum performance with the type of work for I'm doing..

    I am pretty anal-retentive about backing up my data.. Typically I will back-up important projects and folders several times a day to my Lacie 1TB external thunderbolt HD..

    In addition to this, I also have a 2TB Apple Time Capsule connected via Ethernet, which is constantly doing its backups throughout the day..

    With all this being said..

    Would I benefit by linking these two superfast SSDs in RAID? (And increase their speed from 6G and 6G to a solid 12G, mega-fast)

    I already constantly backup important files several times through the day, as well as have my Apple Time Capsule running via Ethernet all day as well..

    What do you guys think? I know they say RAID is risky because you can potentially lose all your data, but would I benefit from the increased speeds with the type of work I'm doing?

    I've also heard that RAID 0 is SLOWER for smaller file files.. Is that true? I work mostly with small(ish) audio files.. but am also frequently moving around large sample libraries/folders.. In addition, I'm constantly backing up my files and have Time Machine running.. So is this something I would even need to be worried about and would RAID be something that would be beneficial for me? thanks! :D
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    If your bottleneck is your SSD, RAID 0 of course will help.

    With proper backup, RAID 0 is not that risky about data lost for a 2 modern SSD setup. However, it double the chance that your system can't boot (due to disk failure). Which may be a problem for a work comouter. If you already have a backup boot disk, then will be no problem at all.

    For speed issue. Choose the correct block size should able to avoid unnecessary performance degradation when handling small file.
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    Jul 11, 2014
    I'm not even sure if there's a bottleneck or not.. I haven't finished installing all my plugins yet haha.. I just figure that it'd be better to start the RAID process now than to finish installing everything on this run, just to have to do it over again..

    I'm using 2x Samsung 850 Pro 512gb w/TRIM Enabler 3.0 Pro and benchmarked both of them running at +/- 520mb/second.. I know they're pretty fast, but I'm going to be running *lots* of intensive plugins (a typical project averages 300-400), as well as a bunch of synth plugins (some of which have large audio libraries).. I want the BEST possible performance out of my machine..

    With the 2x Samsung 850 Pro 512gb's and with me typically working with your typical audio-sample packs, along with other larger files like Kontakt & Nexus.. would it make sense for me to RAID? How would I go about choosing the correct "block size"?? Thank you!! This is really helpful !!

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