Any chance for a really great MBA revision?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by snowboarder, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. snowboarder macrumors 6502

    Jun 9, 2007
    Can it be a great looking, thin computer with a great screen
    and enough computing power and disk space to run Photoshop smoothly?
    No limitations? Is there any technology available today to make it really great?
    If they release another hot running, small disk, average screen,
    a so-so design gadget, there is no reason to get it over a Dell Mini
    hackintosh. Seriously.
    I would love a fully capable MBA. Make it expensive, who cares.
    Just make it right.
  2. Scottsdale macrumors 601


    Sep 19, 2008
    I completely agree with your last two sentences... "Make it expensive, who cares. Just make it right."

    I certainly wish Apple would take this approach. The MBA released in October 2008 was amazing for its time.

    Right now, there's nothing overly amazing about the MBA as a whole. When the MBA v 2,1 was released, it was the world's thinnest laptop, was incredibly lightweight versus the competition, had the fastest CPU of any ultraportable, had a beautiful LED-backlit display, had the best GPU on the market in an ultraportable, had DDR3 RAM, a SATA-II 128 GB SSD (which was revolutionary at the time), had a backlit keyboard, used an industrial look and aluminum when no other computer manufacturers were using it, and drove a 30" ACD.

    When released the 2,1 MBA had so many great things going for it. What a turnaround after the disastrous original MBA. It was better than every other ultraportable on nearly every level. Now, not so much. It's still great overall, but it gets destroyed considering its original positioning/respect. There are ultraportables that are thinner, weigh less, have better graphics, double the SSD drive space, double and quadruple the RAM, more ports, and better at any one aspect of the MBA. As a whole, I still think the MBA is okay, but not when considering its price tag now versus ten months and five days ago when it was also the same price as today.

    Apple was in a bind when the netbook market took off, and Apple didn't have a product that could compete. Unfortunately, the original MBA's failure did the dirty work. In addition, it probably forced Apple to reduce the price in the June 2009 upgrade and not update it to keep costs low. It also took the liberty of removing BTO options to further minimize costs of development. I believe this was all unintended due to the fact that Apple didn't have a netbook competitor. The iPad has since overtaken that role. Now the MBA can take the spotlight of the ultraportable computer market again.

    It would be amazing for Apple to have a $1799 low-end MBA, and a $2499 high-end MBA... with BTO options from there allowing us to spend upwards of $4k+ if we want to. Why not reposition the MBA where it should be as an ultraportable luxury computer. A computer that exceeds ever component in every other ultraportable and as a whole that dominates the ultraportable market.

    There is no reason we cannot have an MBA that blows us away on nearly every aspect... or even an MBP that loses the optical drive and gets the MBA form factor and blows us away even further. I want Apple to take advantage of the high-end buyers willing to pay more for the options the want. If Apple doesn't want to include Blu Ray, then sell it as a BTO option. If Apple doesn't want to include an HD display, then sell it as a BTO option. If Apple doesn't want to include things and cut into margins, then include them as an extra BTO option. I would pay massively for the features I want, and I read many others willing to pay for the exact MBA of their dreams... why shouldn't Apple target us now? They should, and I hope the iPad allows them to get away from lowering costs and give us a premium ultraportable that blows away everything else on the market.
  3. codehead macrumors member

    Sep 29, 2009
    And soon!!
  4. rotorblade69 macrumors regular

    Jul 1, 2006
    North West Georgia

    The above in bold italics and underlined has made you my new best friend.

    Even better would be a 15" MBP Air OH YEAH BABY!!!!!!

    Now lets say they do the 13" MBP airized. Dump the optical but essentially keep the overall idea of specs of a MBP. Not ultra portable just dump the Optical drive shave a little weight and overall form factor of the Air but still have a good processor just not one that is slightly reduced in capabilitys. But not a processor that would be found in a high end Net Book. It would weigh in between the current MBA and the 13" MBP. Say right at 4 pounds. It would be thinner than a 13MPB but not as thin as a MBA.

    Would you personally be happy with it??

    I have noticed you like the form factor and the weight of the air. But if it had to get a little heaver by say a pound for some of the 13" MBP features would you buy it??

    Do you think the Air will be EOL if a 13" MBP Airized were Sold??

    Would you buy a 15" MBP Aired were available??

    THanks again....
  5. Scottsdale macrumors 601


    Sep 19, 2008
    I doubt I would buy an MBP over an updated MBA. However, if the MBP was "airized" the MBA might cease to exist in its current form. It might get a smaller, thinner, lighter ultraportable or even something different... it's hard to speculate with Apple.

    If there was a 13" MBP that had an Nvidia 330 GT with Optimus, and a Core i7-6x0M, I would seriously consider it... especially if Apple didn't update the MBA.

    Here's another theory... what if Apple gives the MBA solely Intel's IGP for its graphics non-solution? I would probably skip the MBA completely and go with a Sony Vaio Z. Unless the MBP was "airized."

    Finally, no I don't want to add weight. If with the tech advancements over the last few years I could either A drop a half pound from the MBA or B double the battery life at a 3 lb. MBA, I would opt to drop a half pound. I never have a problem with the MBA's battery life, and I don't get those who think the MBA needs a ten-hour battery. Battery power comes at the cost of added weight which the MBA avoids. I hope Apple doesn't think the average MBA buyer is so concerned with battery and not give us a graphics alternative over Intel's GMA IGP just to give us a lot more battery performance from the same capabilities in the MBA's battery.

    I would much prefer an MBA over an MBP, unless the performance differences were so great that I would be stupid to consider an MBA. Right now, I feel like the MBA is a workhorse other than the RAM limitation. I am impressed by the MBA daily.

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