iPod Any chance for the following in Paris???


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Jul 7, 2004
6 gig mini @ $199

8 or 10 gig mini @ $249

My guess is that they will at least get color. Per my sig, I need to replace my beloved mini. Color screen does not make a hill of beans difference to me, however, if I could get a 6 gig at the current 4 gig price, I would be a happy man.

If everyone thinks there is not a chance in hell this will happen, I am getting a new one this weekend. If so, I will have to convince my wife to wait till after the Paris show.


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May 11, 2004
fig tree
if they had 8 or 10 gig 1" drives i'd say that's definitely plausible, but perhaps without the color screen. if they have a color screen even in the minis that's even less reason to pay the extra to get a full-sized ipod (not everyone has 8+gigs of music) and they're trying to upsell as many as possible to a regular ipod.
however that's all irrelevant if there are no 8/10 gig 1" drives. are there? :confused:
i suppose they could use 8gb cf cards, or perhaps even those new 12gb ones, but those are multiple thousands of dollars :eek:


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Jul 17, 2004
You may see new colors and maybe a color screen... but hard drive sizes just haven't gotten that big yet.
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