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Discussion in 'Apple Watch Accessories' started by Gogel_geek, Jul 26, 2015.

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    Jul 26, 2015
    I'm sure that there are others like me that purchased the Space Grey Apple Watch because it was a first generation product and the price was right. Now after several months and the purchase of many after market watch bands I'm regretting that I did not buy the stainless model for a few hundred more. I'm really loving my Apple Watch and I doubt that Apple would let me pay the difference and upgrade at this point.
    Now I'll get to my question...
    Is anyone aware of an accessory who's purpose is to change the color of the watch body?
    Space Grey to polished stainless or gold, stainless to space grey, or even the ability to change the gold edition watch to a stainless steel watch. I'm not talking a thick protective bumper, but a thin snap on accessory whose purpose is to change watch body color.
    I've got a few nice stainless bands that look OK on my space grey watch, but would look much better on a stainless body.
    I'd also be interested in your comments.
    Yea, I cheaped out. I won't when I go to upgrade to version two or three.
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    I would consider going in and asking if you can upgrade. I was able to do this and a lot of time had gone by. At first I was told no and I was very nice and polite and said I understood. Said how much I love the watch. I had actually logged on and reserved a SS so I told the associate that so that he could release it back for someone else. He then said to hang on and went and talked to a manager. Next thing I know they are taking back my watch and letting me upgrade. He commented that he wanted to try to help me because I had been so nice and reasonable. Won't hurt to try if you live near an Apple Store. I am very happy with the way it worked out for me.
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    The only way I could see them doing this is if you were within the 2 week window. No way they would do it after that period. This one smells kinda fishy ;)
  5. Snoopy16, Jul 27, 2015
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    Nothing "fishy" about it. It is exactly as I described and I was outside the window. I got my watch at the end of April and upgraded it in June. I only thought to do it as others on here or Reddit (cannot remember which) said they had done it. Might be a long shot for the OP, but if he/she lives near an Apple store, what is the harm in asking?

    Edited to add: they even pro-rated and refunded my original apple care (I had to rebuy for the new watch). Also, needed to have original packaging, extra length band strap, and charger.

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