Any discussion on lack of secrecy?

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    I notice that MR rarely focuses on things 'after-the-fact'. For example, we had countless articles leading up to the release of the film JOBS -- so much so that the forums were filled with endless complaints by many, many members. But after, I recall just a single post saying the opening was under projections. It's undisputed that the film was a flop despite some of the most heavy marketing for any opening indie film. Why not follow up and acknowledge that? Ask why? Look for feedback from those who saw it?

    Also, are you planning on posting an article that really follows up on Cook's "doubling down on secrecy"? Since he said that, almost NOTHING has been a secret -- if anything, secrecy has been cut in half! Why not acknowledge such things? Why not follow up on his statement?

    Now is a good time to start a discussion on how and WHY almost nothing was a secret today. Is it planned leaks? Unplanned? I'm looking for some more depth in your articles... I know it's there somewhere.
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    Retrospectives, secrecy and stuff

    Interesting idea.

    There's for roundups for products.

    Maybe nice to have another overview page, linking to retrospectives in certain areas (not limited to products).

    To be honest I haven't looked for any such article (sorry).

    I reckon that parallel to the apparent openness, there's a culture of secrecy that's no less strong now (late 2014) than it was in the past. Also I reckon, the vast majority of people who share that culture share it by choice. Carelessness with some types of secret might lead to the severest penalties, but it's not the fear of penalty that encourages secrecy. It's simply the done thing.

    Of course that's not the only culture in an organisation as diverse as Apple, but people do love to talk about secrecy ;-)

    FWIW recently in the midst of a topic about culture(s) at Apple:


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