Any documented problems with the 2.16ghz Macbook Pros?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by vultureparade, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. vultureparade macrumors member

    Sep 11, 2007
    I was thinking about picking one of these last gen Macbook Pros up instead of continuing to deal with the yellow screen problems of the present LED lit ones.

    These weren't LED backlit, right?

    Anyone using one for light gaming? Half-Life 2, ect. What ya think?

    I'm most interested in any problems with the 2.16 macbook pros or 2.33 macbook pros. Anything I should watch out for? Is there any place with info on this sort of thing?

    I really appreciate it, guys.
  2. squeeks macrumors 68040


    Jun 19, 2007
    the LED screens are so nice i'd risk getting one of the new ones, just so you can put in 4gb ram, and have the nice bright crisp LED screen and better video card
  3. vultureparade thread starter macrumors member

    Sep 11, 2007
    Yeah, they are pretty nice. If this was my first attempt at getting one with a good screen, I'd gamble it. But I've already been through one that had a bad screen.

    Anyone else using a 2.16 macbook pro? What do you think?
  4. xpovos macrumors 6502a


    Jun 7, 2007
    I have one that I hardly use anymore. The only heavily documented issue that I'm aware of is that a very large number of the matte displays have truly excessive grain in the anti-glare coating. Mine does. I'm not talking about a level of grain that is anywhere approaching normal (or even acceptable) for a matte screen; the grain level on mine (and every other one I've personally seen from the same generation) is absolutely horrible. It's the reason I eventually just bought a different MBP (Apple says this crappy display is "within spec"), I was getting headaches from the damn grain.

    If display quality is a real concern for you, I'm sorry to say that the last generation of 15" MBP should be avoided. At the very least, make sure you get to look at the display while the laptop is up and running, so that you can decide for yourself if the screen is acceptable.
  5. cobravap macrumors regular

    Oct 30, 2006
    are you going to buy this in person? Can you get a look at it? Also this is the one with 128 meg x1600 right?
  6. mopppish macrumors 6502

    Nov 27, 2005
    I am typing on the machine in my sig right now.
    It's actually the second one I got from Apple, but that was kind of a fluke. The first one I had began showing those battery problems, and at the time I don't think Apple had sorted them out yet, so they gave me the option of getting a whole new laptop so that their engineering folks could capture mine. The funny thing is that after having the replacement for a while, it started to show the same battery problems. :rolleyes:
    By that point, they had acknowledged the issue and only sent me a replacement battery.
    Everything has been fine otherwise. My screen is pretty nice, though it has a very slight viewing angle/backlighting issue. I'm not sure what you would call it exactly, but the bottom right of my screen appears very slightly "blue-er" than the upper left when I am in a normal typing position. If I shift around that problem goes away, and I really only notice it if there are a lot of bright images on the screen. The Superdrive is noisy with half of the discs I put in it, but it has never not worked. Even the previous MBP and old ibook I had made the same vibrating noise with 10-20% of the discs I put in, so my guess is that this drive is just slightly less tolerant of disc shape variations.
  7. vultureparade thread starter macrumors member

    Sep 11, 2007

    I was going to try and pick one up from the Apple refurb section if I decided to get it. It's the one with the 128mb x1600.

    I don't like the sound of that at all. I would be getting a matte screen -- one of the main reasons why I want a MBP instead of a MB.

    Haha, ever since I returned my MBP 2.2 with the yellow screen this "which computer to buy" decision has been driving me nuts.

    Thanks a lot for everyone's input.
  8. SoLibertyDies macrumors regular

    Oct 16, 2006
    Spanaway, Wa
    I have the 256 x1600 and I couldn't be happier with a computer. I don't have the grain issue as someone mentioned.

    I've had it for over a year and havent had any problems with it. aside from my stupid self dropping it...:(

    but it's a champ even with that.
  9. mpr131 macrumors member

    Aug 14, 2007
    Washington, DC
    I have a 2.16 glossy and love it. The only issue I had was a battery problem but the Apple store gave me replacement and I have had no problems since. I don't use it for games.

    In contrast, I haven't been happy with the new MBPs. I've been trying to pick up a new 2.2 (for the Mrs) but had 3 replacements with yellowing issues. I'm now in a holding pattern deciding on what to do.
  10. ncshawng macrumors member

    Oct 16, 2007
    Harrisburg, NC
    I have a 2.16 non-glossy MBP. It's been perfect, absolutely no problems with any of the components.
  11. ClassicBean macrumors 6502a

    Jun 20, 2004
    2.16 Ghz MBP glossy screen here. Amazing machine. No problems whatsoever.
  12. Maxiseller macrumors 6502a


    Jan 11, 2005
    Little grey, chilly island.
    I use my 2.16 every day as my main machine. I originally had a Powermac, and this just flames it!

    Great machine, very reliable.

    Only one problem; you tend to baby it a tad. I never did this with the ibook that I used to own. All dents, smears and scratches really show on it - and it detracts from the beauty. Just invest in a good "skin" and carrying case and you'll be fine.

    My worst accident was that I dropped my Mackie HR824 monitors on the screen, and believe it or not, there was absolutely no markings on the laptop at all! The screen does go back a but further than it used to, but this is a blessing! The speakers were fine too!

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