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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by thederby, Jul 16, 2009.

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    i have an iphone 3g with a cracked screen and it looks like this guy offers $97 flat rate repairs (including shipping).

    any fhe? rumors? hearsay?

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    Sep 14, 2008
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    hehehe.. i'd already checked the whois and found the yelp reviews.

    the whois shows that the record was created a little over a month ago (2009-06-04) which likely explains the scarcity of information on the 'net.

    i was hoping something more than 6 relatively anonymous yelp reviews.

    but thanks. :D
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    Aug 3, 2009
    Did you end up using them? I am looking at them or or
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    Dec 22, 2010
    I posted this on many different sites, but I feel like I can help someone avoid this place...

    I sent my iPhone to this company in good faith, prepaying the entire cost of the expected repair. It was the lowest I could find, their flat rate repair service costing $57 .. there were only a few reviews on the net, but from what I could gather it was a reputable operation, so I took a plunge. The problem with the iPhone is a pretty popular one, where the wifi is nonfunctional. The site lists "wifi issues?" as a part of their flat-rate service.

    I get a call about 6:00 pm Monday after it was received on Friday ... a foreign man who's native tongue is certainly not English is letting me know that my 3g iPhone is not able to be repaired under their flat-rate repair, due to it being "an issue with the motherboard." I asked what else they could do, and the answer to that was nothing. He then offered to buy my phone, which is in excellent condition with everything functional other than the wifi. The offer? *$5*. I declined, then this person told me to hold on, when I was put on a mute-hold for several minutes. I then heard an auto-dial as if the person I was speaking to had thought no one was on the line and tried to call someone else. When I informed him I was still here on the phone, he seemed disappointed. He then said he was going to refund my money and send up the phone. I accepted. We hung up.

    About 5 minutes later I received a call back from this same guy. He told me he wasn't sure he was clear, and that my refund would be $17, instead of $57, because they charge a $30 examination fee and $5 each way for priority shipping. When I argued this fact (on the basis they said they cannot repair my phone either way) he said he was going to put on his manager, although I did not request this. The manager appeared to be a young guy who was obviously not trained in customer service. He was quick to argue as to why they need to charge money to make it as a business. He told me "It clearly states that there is a $30 fee if we cannot fix it. We switched the motherboard to another phone and it still did not work, therefore we determined this was not a problem with the antenna and this is not covered." Let me just say that, as I am not the most ignorant person when it comes to technology, that I was not satisfied with the explanation.

    Basically, no matter what I argued, this person was not here on the line to make sure I was satisfied, but to refuse me anything additional from the $17. I get the feeling that with the amount they collect being $57 if they repair a phone, and $40 if they do not, that they are much more content collecting the latter. They get 2 stars because they actually returned my phone and didn't completely rob me.
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    Even though I agree that their customer service wasnt good them charging you for shipping and $30 to diagnose the problem and for the time they put into it doesnt sound that crazy or unreasonable.
  7. visionary, Dec 24, 2010
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    Dhughes721 -

    If you read the information they have on the site,

    They do state that there is a $30 diagnosis fee and a separate shipping fee. So a $10 shipping fee sounds perfectly fine considering USPS shipping is $5.00 each way.. You dont seem to have a valid point. They carried out on their word. Tested your phone and deemed it unrepairable, even sent the phone back to you with a partial refund.

    to better understand your issue I recommend that you read the following post:

    It seems that you may be upset your wifi is not repairable not upset with - your phone definitely has a hardware issue. especially if they switched your motherboard onto a different case (thus using a different wifi antenna) - pretty simple diagnosis through process of elimination? yes? sometimes the simplest things provide the greatest answers.

    so after all is said and done, you expected them to ship the phone back, cover the shipping fees, cover the labor fees and give you a full refund? who works for free these days? I sure hope you dont!

    being that I am in management - in the retail industry - I get irrational customer complaints like yours all the time - and the reason I am spending even two minutes of my energy replying is to relay this message to everyone -

    "the customer is always right" policy - does not always go into effect simply because you have a complaint. You must have a valid complaint for management to work with you. Try to put yourself in the companys shoes prior to getting upset about their service or terms. These terms are there for a reason. and lastly -

    you are attempting to stain their company reputation, but are doing the exact reverse by linking their company name in every site you paste your complaint.. in turn you are only helping their google rankings...

    which is why - if we dont have anything good to say... we really shouldnt say anything at all!
    Merry Christmas!

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