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Jan 17, 2009
Looking to purchase a used 2018 MacBook Pro 15" tomorrow.
According to the seller, the laptop was dropped and the screen cracked. Apple went ahead and repaired/replaced a few parts. Attached is the photo that he had supplied.
He said once he received the machine he boxed it away.
If I'm reading the replaced part list correctly, this should be a brand new machine at this point, right?

-Display assembly includes the display as well as the top piece where the apple logo is.
-Top case with battery is the bottom unibody
-Bottom case - i'm not sure what this is. Could this be the bottom panel with the serial number and what not? How would this be replaced though as the bottom panel has the serial number. Most confused about this.
-Touch ID board - assuming its related to touch ID lol
-Vent Antenna Module - no idea

Can any current/former apple employee help me decipher this repair order? Was a brand new KB put in as well?


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Feb 5, 2008
The topcase is a bunch of items. It consists of the palmrest, batteries, speakers, touchbar, and keyboard. Not sure if it also consists of the touchpad since that is removable. The bottom case is the removable metal bottom panel. I've seen replacement panels that don't have a serial number. The touch ID board is the actual fingerprint sensor. The vent antenna module contains the wifi antennas and also serves as the plastic grill over the fan exhaust.

Yeah you pretty much have a new machine. Looks like the only original component is the motherboard and maybe the USB C ports. Lol.


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Apr 21, 2004
Yah that’s why I learned Apple essentially over fixes repaired computers, often costing 3x as much as an independent shop. I’m getting my MacBook 16 fixed as we speak.
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