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Tig Bitties

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Sep 6, 2012
Just got my first iPhone in years, lookking for a good dark or black themed weather widget, mainly the forecast.

I'm happy to pay and purchase one, but one thing I've noticed with ios apps is this subscription based thing. On Android there's nothing like that you just buy it once and it's yours. I'll never subscribe monthly to an app just for icons or one widget, not a flippng chance ever. No way.

When did this new trend of subscription based apps start? And not just a one time payment?

Anyways, if you know of a good AMOLED black weather widget let me know please. Thank you.


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Aug 27, 2008
Stockton NJ
ClimaCell let’s you select a true black widget background.
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Oct 17, 2011
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Apr 8, 2010
the Netherlands
Here are some options that are free, paid once with widgets and dark mode:

- Hello Weather - free with no ads with DarkSky Source, for more sources you can optionally subscribe
- Carrot Weather - pay once $4,99 for DarkSky source, for more sources you can optionally subscribe
- Partly Sunny - pay once $2,99 (for now only 'classic' pre-iOS14 widgets so in notification center area)
- BeWeather 3 - pay once $4,99 (for now only 'classic' pre-iOS14 widgets so in notification center area)

The amount of subscription based apps has indeed increased in the recent years and I get it that the developers either go for ads or for premium and in order to maintain their services they need some income and a pay once option is probably difficult to maintain especially if it concerns weather sources which can ask a lot of money from the developers to offer one weather source let alone multiple so for weather I get it that more and more switch to that especially if they offer multiple weather sources. For e.g. a Sudoku app I wouldn't subscribe though. A tip btw check out AppRaven app (in the App Store) and especially the user collections (I also created a few popular ones myself there) and for games there is with premium games only.
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