Any good family fights durring Thanksgiving?


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Sep 27, 2005
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As traditional as the turkey dinner is the good old American family fight on Thanksgiving. For some reason pulling together all the different sides and opinions of the extended family to eat at one table somehow brings out the worst in us. We have been lucky for about the past two years have gone by without incident. Well this year brought about an alcohol induced beligerant fight between several family members that poured out onto the street and brought what was an extremely pleasant evening to an end. anyone else care to share thier families skermishes? how about some funny stories?


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Mar 29, 2004
Not since my father was around. Parents divorced when I was two so now I only hear stories. :eek:

Chip NoVaMac

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Dec 25, 2003
Northern Virginia
Nope, over the years I have been lucky I guess, no real problems.

Funniest moment may have been with my first lover. His parents knew that he was Gay, and I was his lover. And they were cool about it. But his Grandma was clueless, and his parents wanted it left that way. We had given each other a mitzba (?) coin set (you may have seen them, a coin split in two, with something about love being joined together).

So at dinner, Grandma remarked that we had a matching necklace! Both Doug and I were ready for a heart attack! After a silence that seemed like an hour (though only a few seconds), his Mom came to the rescue - saying it was the current version of the friendship bracelets that she had grown up with. Grandma bought the story, saying that it was a much nicer thing than becoming "blood brothers" that her son got in to.

Though for a few years I did Gay/Lesibian Peer Counseling. Never ceased to amaze me that so many felt that Thanksgiving dinner was a good time to come out. :eek:


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Oct 8, 2003
Sacramento, CA, USA
Yeah, I got in a fight (verbal, very short) with my girlfriend's sister. My GF and I were at her dad's house for Thanksgiving, and on Saturday we were in her room with the door closed (not locked) just talking to each other about some "emotionally heavy" stuff, when he sister burst in through the door without knocking. I told her to please leave right away, and that my GF and I were in the middle of something. She got this enraged look on her face and stormed out of the room, slamming the door very hard behind her. A few moments later I heard her yelling something about my GF being "her sister too" and that I was "stealing her away from her." I've been with my GF for 3 years now, and I've since learned, after attending many family get-togethers, a reunion, and this Thanksgiving, that my GF's sister is regarded as being the "difficult" one. She's 21, but acts 10.

A few seconds later, I heard a CRASH outside the door (my GF and I were still in the room), and I opened the door to see a pile of stuff outside the door. It seems whenever she and I get in a fight, she likes to take my stuff from one place, and throw it outside the guest bedroom door. Only this time, only one thing in the pile was mine, which was a brand new Airport Express that I had bought for my mom. Luckily, it was still in its box, so I don't think it got damaged.

Usually, when my GF's sister and I get in fights (she's never liked me, she says it's because I'm male :rolleyes: ) I just take a deep breath and leave her alone. But this time I felt she had gone too far, and I confronted her about it. I put on my best "I-am-so-ticked-off" voice, and loudly said "Deanna (her name), you WILL treat my belongings, and those of others, with RESPECT!" She yelled back for me to f****** shut up, and go away. Her dad, who was nearby, told her to grow up and to now throw my stuff around (actually, half the stuff she threw was his). She got even madder, and stormed outside.

I thought it was over, but later I was surfing on My Space and found a very nasty blog she posted on her page saying some very mean and untrue things about me. She blocked me on My Space so I can't even post a comment on the blog to tell my side of the story. Needless to say, I am really, really ticked off at her.

Now there's a story!

Lord Blackadder

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May 7, 2004
Sod off
Let's just say that the O'Reilly Factor has nothing on our family gatherings when it comes to "fair and balanced" political debate. But we never "fight" per se, just discuss loudly.

I watched football. :D


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May 28, 2002
My mother told me I'd be "stupid" if I didn't replace the original wood windows in my 1900 built home, with newer.. better.. plastic windows.

Reglazing... insulation... storm windows... nah.. that's stupid, just put plastic in there.


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Jan 14, 2005
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We don't argue or fight at my Mom's for Thanksgiving... no, we sit around the table and have hours-long discussions about stuff that would make your hair stand on end. :)


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Jul 1, 2004
sethypoo said:
That sounds a lot like my situation, except for it was my girlfriend and my family (Probably a lot more yelling for me, and it was going on for about 18 months). Just a lot of crap for no reason. Now she's my wife and while there's still crap between my sister and my wife, the rest of us are slowly working towards a resolution of the situation.


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Apr 10, 2002
Thanksgiving was well over a month ago, so I don't really remember any fights in particular. Sorry to hear about your quarrels though.


May 26, 2004
Randy's House
Nope, we all know what to and what not to talk about and get along famously.

A lot of Republican bashing goes on, but quite frankly, my party deserves it lately.


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Jul 11, 2003
My family was rather subdued this year ( always is when the divorced parents have the kids as they did this year) but we had a real Jerry Springer moment last year.

A cousin (44 years old) who lives in Hawaii (really just bums around and rarely works) was in because my brother, his bother and sister and I paid for a first class round trip ticket for him to come see the family for the holidays. We flew him in the beginning of November with a scheduled return on December 3rd. He was staying with his parents and friends for the month.

At Thanksgiving dinner, he lets slip that he cashed in his round trip ticket because he needed money. His parent were furious as they wanted him out of their house (he really is horrible to live with, just a 44 year old child really). They told him he couldn't stay there after his originally scheduled departure. His siblings just got up and walked out of the room. My cousin then said he would stay with Randy (me) for a while.

I, of course, had something to say. I asked him how he could take the generosity of his siblings and cousins and just throw it in their faces like that, especially at the dinner table? I also told him he couldn't stay with me, not even for a night. Well, all hell broke loose.

He smacks me in the head and I jump up. My brother grabs my cousin and wrestles him to the floor. I come really close to kicking him in his side but restrained myself. Mothers are screaming (thankfully there were no kids there) and my cousin's father orders him to leave immediately. I decide to take a walk. When I get back, my cousin is gone.

He then has the balls to send an email to his siblings, my brother and me telling us how f***ed up we are and that we should have supported him. I just replied that we sent you a $2,500 round trip ticket and we aren't supporting you. I told him to grow up, 44 years is long enough for a childhood. I haven't heard from him since and quite frankly, couldn't care less if I do again.

All we were missing was the audience screaming, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!


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Aug 24, 2005
I had my 76 year old, 5' Italian American great uncle (Uncle Albert) tell me that education has destroyed the world. Since I am the designated scholar and debater in my family, he obviously chose the wrong person to debate. He also wanted to know who told me cigarette smoking was bad and why do I believe them and I quote: "Scientists??? Well, what if those scientists were drunk???" He's been smoking for the past 50-60 years and no illness.

He also complained about my mother's cooking (which was and always is amazing) and he criticized our newly renovated house (which was designed by my mom and is unbelievably beautiful). In addition, my father's entire family except my Uncle Vinny could not operate the salt shaker, which required the turning of a grinding mechanism in order to grind the sea salt crystals. I'm still trying to figure out that one.

Something is wrong with the man. I think he just thinks he is the bigshot in the family and that his criticisms are funny. Too bad he is never going to be eating turkey with us again. :mad:

In addition, dealing with my baby cousins is another castastrophe. My cousin Nick is 13 and accepted a single drumstick with very little dark meat on it and put it on his plate. He then went into my fridge and got KETCHUP! The boy eats everything with KETCHUP! So here I am, trying to enjoy dinner while Nick is proceding to devour this dark meat drumstick with his hands and a large pool of ketchup! Of course, being the polite person I am, I just had to say, "Wow! I feel like I'm in Medieval Times!". No one thought I was funny though. My two girl cousins are 7 and 11 and they dont eat anything besides Pepsi and bread. They look malnourished. They decided to bring their own potatoes to Thanksgiving Dinner. They brought a ziplock bag with sliced potatoes with grated cheese into my house, and then decided to go up to my mom and ask if she could heat them up for them. :confused: WOW! as all I can say.

I really just want to enjoy the holidays with only my parents and perhaps a few close family friends from now on. Or perhaps anyone who isn't socially inept, rude, ill-mannered, etc. :(

Happy Holidays,



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The most fun we have is telling our parents all the stuff we did in our teens and twenties. They mostly laugh it off...being so long ago, of course. The three sons are all in their (our) 40s.

My oldest brother comes to eat, but usually has an excuse to leave early to go to his friend's house.

...everyone has their skeletons...

Something is wrong with the man. I think he just thinks he is the bigshot in the family and that his criticisms are funny. Too bad he is never going to be eating turkey with us again
Could a little senility be setting in?
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