Any good free app for organising notes about clients - therapists/psychologists etc?

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  1. TJ82 macrumors 6502a


    Mar 8, 2012
    Looking for something simple and easy to use, and searchable by client name. Just want to be able to type up notes, add voice memos, and add screenshots or photos of older notes that were written on pages.

    Anything like this and ahem free?
  2. iDento macrumors 6502


    Sep 8, 2011
    iCloud Servers
    I want an app like that and I’d pay for it, there're many out there but they all suck somehow.
  3. jtara macrumors 68000

    Mar 23, 2009
    So, you're looking for FREE medical note-taking software that is HIPAA-compliant?

    If you are in the U.S. this is an important consideration. You would be taking on significant liability in exchange for FREE unless you can find something compliant.

    It's a significant burden to meet the requirements, don't see what the incentive would be for free software to go through the rigamarole.
  4. TJ82 thread starter macrumors 6502a


    Mar 8, 2012
    No doesn't need to be HIPAA compliant. Just something like that but free.
  5. jtara, Jul 17, 2019
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    jtara macrumors 68000

    Mar 23, 2009

    - You're not in the U.S.?
    - For some reason you think you don't have to comply with HIPAA?
    - For some reason, your insurance company doesn't care if you comply or not?
    - You're not a doctor - but just play one on TV?

    I'll ask a doctor friend. He's always completing his notes at home. Pretty sure, though, he's using the online medical records system of his medical group.

    The idea of doctors taking medical notes in some random, unencrypted, note-taking software on their notebook is scary. We need a new Dr. McCoy quote for this:

    "I'm a doctor, not an IT technician! Get Spock on this HIPAA stuff!"

    I remember the first patient notice I got under HIPAA. My dentist's office was burglarized, and they had to notify all of their patients of the breech, and that medical and/or financial data might have been compromised. That was several years ago, and there was still a lot of naivete and disregard/ignorance about data security in the medical industry.

    Maybe you can comply by keeping your computer in a locked safe when not in use. ;)
  6. GerritV macrumors 65816

    May 11, 2012
    Couldn't agree more !
    And FREE, don't forget it has to be FREE, as long as it's FREE :D
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    Good idea. Where is one to get a FREE safe ? :D
  7. TheSkywalker77 macrumors 65816


    Sep 9, 2017
    I'll be sure to use Google Docs next time I need to keep sensitive information safe! Because we all know Google totally doesn't sell their users' data. :D
  8. TJ82 thread starter macrumors 6502a


    Mar 8, 2012
    I really hope you're not in practice in any field which would require HIPAA compliance because this strange rant is unbalanced, irrational. Unprofessional.

    No, I'm not in the US and not requiring HIPAA compliant software. I just need some apps to try out, similar to what therapists might use.

    Please for your own sake, step away from the internet for a while. You seem to be somewhat hysterical. Life is stressful I understand that, which is why when you start ranting at strangers you should take a time out.
  9. jtara macrumors 68000

    Mar 23, 2009
    And I hope you are not actually a therapist. Because your strange rant and unsolicited "diagnosis" is certainly most unprofessional.

    I realize that rules differ in different countries. The privacy laws in the U.S. have become quite strict, and doctors/practices need to have documented procedures to insure that privacy is maintained.

    The U.S. also has very strict rules about professionals (particularly, doctors and lawyers) rendering "advice" online, etc. If you were in the U.S. I would be making a complaint to your state's medical board re: your comment above.

    I am shocked that any doctor anywhere would treat patient information so casually. And I am not the only one here who feels that way.

    But - like I said - different countries - different rules.

    FWIW, I am a computer professional, and have to deal with security issues like this. And, yes, I have to deal with issues similar to HIPAA (the one I have to be concerned with is called COPPA, but it dealswith protecting the privacy of children, not medical patients.) And, so, I am keenly aware of the issues.

    Did you try Googling for an answer?

    While this forum is international, MOST users are in the U.S. Thus, most users here who happen to be doctors will not have any information about free software to perform a function that is highly regulated in the U.S. and in any case would not be likely to take the chance to use it, and then possibly be disciplined for not caring enough about the privacy of their patients.
  10. robgendreau macrumors 68040

    Jul 13, 2008

    I'd look hard at Devonthink. Very versatile, and used in lots of offices. We used it in a law practice (very common; DT is very good about importing scanned documents and organizing them). Here's some info on that; I imagine interviewing clients and some management is similar:

    It can synch, but doesn't rely on cloud storage to do so. But you can use cloud storage. That makes it easier to deal with confidentiality issues, which of course we needed to do with law practices. It can use encryption when synching, which might be important if you do synch.

    It's been a killer app for Mac users for a long time. And just keeps getting better and better.
  11. jerwin macrumors 68020

    Jun 13, 2015
    Be prepared to pay lots of money if you've found a use for Devonthink server.


    found at

    In this case, the medical provider may be being sued....
  12. cdcastillo macrumors 6502a


    Dec 22, 2007
    The cesspit of civilization
    Evernote, Apple Notes, MS one note. They all do what you're describing you need.
  13. MacGizmo macrumors 65816


    Apr 27, 2003
    Not sure why Apple's Notes app doesn't work for you (providing you've tried it). It does everything you've mentioned (as cdcastillo stated above). I personally wouldn't trust any cloud-based service like Evernote, Dropbox, Google Docs, etc. with confidential patient files.

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