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Apr 11, 2013
I'm still struggling with myself whether to update my devices or not.

No problems with 7.0.4 + JB on my iPad 3 so far, but what will it be with (only) 512 MB RAM on the 4S / iPad mini?
I've read a lot about iOS 7.x occupying more RAM than 6.x, leading to performance lags already on unmodified devices.

I'm afraid that the JB + a reasonable number of tweaks (e.g., for me Winterboard would be a must as it is under iOS 6) eating up even more RAM, may lead to a disappointing result in comparison to iOS 6 currently running nice and smooth.

To all running a 4S and/or iPad mini on 7.0.4 jailbroken - how's your experience regarding the performance of your device(s)?
Is it advisable to upgrade or will I be better staying on iOS 6?

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Mar 27, 2011
I would deffanitly update. You will have the latest ios on your device and there might be compatabily issues with games than use the latest ios.

As for performance it's no different. In fact some of the tweaks make it perform better than stock. I have 4 devices jailbroken and none of them have any performance issues at all.

Jailbreak is safe and what you can gain by doing it is one of the best things about apple products.

So yes %100 jb that bad boy


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Aug 15, 2009
Connecticut, USA
I have no problems on my 4S. The one thing I will say is that even stock there is an occasional stutter in the animations. You have to realize that the 4S has like 1/8 the GPU power of the 5S, so you can't expect perfection. Most of the time it is not even an issue, though...and iOS7 is awesome, even stock.


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Apr 11, 2013
Your thoughts?

No regrets so far.

Battery life seems to be o.k., animations and transmission are running smoothly. No lagging, no stuttering.

Since I just updated last night still a little early to make a reliable statement, though.
Almost no tweaks on my iPhone and only a handful on the iPad...

On iOS6 both were 'overtweaked' - a bunch of useful tweaks as well as loads of nice to haves :D

Will take me some time to get it back to where I want it.
Keeping my fingers crossed that everything stays fine when fully tweaked and themed.
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