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    Feb 5, 2014
    About a year ago my Instagram began repeating a old notification, it repeated along with a new notification. It was never consistent, it stopped then started, went on for a couple hours or sometimes all day. Nothing that I was doing caused or stopped the notifications. The notification was different everyday. I have screenshots. I googled around, all I could gather was that very few people were coming forward with similar problems and little information about what was causing it was available. I was using my iPod.

    One day I posted a screenshot to Instagram, and the repeat notifications stopped for two weeks, a first in months. But then started again. I called apple, my iPod still being under warranty I had a free call or something. I told her what was wrong, happy to tell someone who would perhaps help me. Only to get cut off 5 minutes in getting no help whatsoever. I never called back. I upgraded with my cable/internet company and had a new modem or router ( unsure what the difference is) delivered. It was over a week before the notifications began again. I called again and had my modem reset but they continued.

    Meanwhile, I had noticed a lag in the response time while typing, I'm trying to say that I could type entire sentences before my iPod would catch up.This is when I started watching my crash logs, looking for anything that might help me understand why this was happening That's when I found "Bad magic", a mysterious process(?). A google search brought up nada. I posted on a developer forum asking "What is Bad magic" and I was told by one person that he'd never heard tell of it and to report it to the bug reporter. I never did, because I don't know how. I have screenshots. But I don't know how to load them. Here is a piece of one of the logs. It descended on a angle, it stood out against the rest of the crash log. Listed under ExcResource_MobileSafari.

    Bad magic 0x27D8ABFC
    Microstackshots: 1 (from 2147483647-10-02 21:00:00 -0400 to 2147483647-10-02 21:00:00 -0400)
    1 CoreFoundation 0x2f3e1000 + 614681 [0x2f477119]
    1 ??? [0x27d8a9b8]
    1 UIKit 0x31c1c000 + 72655 [0x31c2dbcf]
    1 ??? [0x27d8a8e0]
    1 UIKit 0x31c1c000 + 73143 [0x31c2ddb7]
    1 ??? [0x27d8a880]
    1 UIKit 0x31c1c000 + 519353 [0x31c9acb9]
    1 ??? [0x27d8a860]
    1 UIKit 0x31c1c000 + 549307 [0x31ca21bb]
    1 ??? [0x27d8a84c]
    1 UIKit 0x31c1c000 + 549411 [0x31ca2223]
    1 ??? [0x27d8a824]
    1 UIKit 0x31c1c000 + 549531 [0x31ca229b]
    1 ??? [0x27d8a800]
    1 UIKit 0x31c1c000 + 551211 [0x31ca292b]
    1 ??? [0x27d8a494]
    1 UIKit 0x31c1c000 + 2425361 [0x31e6c211]
    1 ??? [0x27d8a400]
    1 UIKit 0x31c1c000 + 2425593 [0x31e6c2f9]
    1 ??? [0x27d8a3a8]
    1 MobileSafari 0x74000 + 320663 [0xc2497]
    1 ??? [0x27d8a394]
    1 MobileSafari 0x74000 + 290765 [0xbafcd]
    1 ??? [0x27d8a370]
    1 WebCore 0x372a4000 + 792019 [0x373655d3]
    1 ??? [0x27d8a360]
    1 WebCore 0x372a4000 + 788405 [0x373647b5]
    1 ??? [0x27d8a350]
    1 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x39dee000 + 3855 [0x39deef0f]
    1 ??? [0x27d8a308]
    1 libsystem_kernel.dylib 0x39d75000 + 77736 [0x39d87fa8]
    *1 ??? [0x8

    I still occasionally use my iPod, but it only has the basics, plus games I've download for my kids. Now games like "pet doctor" and "celebrity dentist" repeat notifications every once in a while. It looks like this..

    Pet doctor 4:35pm

    Pet Doctor 5 days ago

    Pet Doctor 12 days ago

    Since then, I have purchased a brand new 5s, it was a fresh start, I knew there was no possible way I would have any problems because it was new. That was less than two months ago. Today the repeat notification started on my 5s. I have no idea why. I downloaded a process viewer but nothing stands out to me. Only EscrowSecurityAllert, but I have no idea what that is.

    I only have a basic understanding of iOS, so I can't understand any of it. But I can do this, and hope that someone will take the time to mull this over. Theoretically, what could be the problem? Is anyone else having these issues?
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    THis thread needs to be reposted in correct section.

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