Any improvements to iCloud Drive?


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Jun 18, 2014
So, I have a Mac Mini stored in a data center. It has a 128GB SSD and 2TB hard drive. Right now in Sierra, I can't copy a 200GB .dmg file from my 2TB to my iCloud Drive because it first needs to copy to the 128GB SSD which doesn't have enough space.

Wondering if they improved the iCloud Drive to allow you to move the iCloud Drive storage location to a separate drive?


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Mar 30, 2004
Aside from ability to share iCloud files, I didn't notice any improvements of that sort.

To me, iCloud Drive on macOS isn't very usable until I can:
  • Specify folders outside Desktop and Documents folders
  • Exclude certain sub-folders within Desktop and Documents folders
  • Share folders
  • Specify certain folders and files as always local
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