Any Insights on MacPhun Creative Kit 2016?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by SJ99, Jan 23, 2016.

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    Finally getting around to replacing Aperture. Had just about settled on Capture One Pro, but then stumbled across Creative Kit. How do they compare? Is CK's editing non-destructive? What would be a good DAM to use with it?

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    Jul 9, 2012
    Two very different things. C1P is like Aperture and Lightroom. They are digital asset managers (DAM) with library/catalog features for organizing photos plus non-destructive editing. LR also has modules for doing books, slideshows..etc.

    Macphum Creative kit is a collection of apps that can be setup as plugins to Aperture, Lightroom, Photoshop, or as extensions to Photos. The competitors to Creative Kit would be Nik Collection, Topaz Labs apps, or OnOne's Photo 10 set.

    When you use the apps as plugins for Aperture or Lightroom you get roundtrip integration where the edited image is returned to the library/catalog. That is not the case with C1P.

    Most all of these DAMs and plugins have free trials you can download.
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    Thanks, MCAsan. How are the editing tools in CK? Are they as robust and easy to use as Aperture? Are they non-destructive?

    It sounds like if I want to move away from Aperture completely, I should go with C1P. Agree? Are there any risks of staying with Aperture for DAM? It seems that the only reason to go with Aperture + C1P would be that CK has better editing tools.

    Does C1P have a feature like Snapheal in CK?
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    The Macphun editing applications in the CK versions can be run as plugins or stand alone applications.

    And "non-destructive"? If you mean parametric, like Aperture or Lr, no. As MCAsan noted, the CK isn't a DAM or PIE. But like Photoshop, Affinity Photos, etc etc they are non destructive in that you open photo, edit away, and then save in Macphun's own format, just as you'd save as PSD in Ps or whatever. If you've saved in their format, MPT, you can reopen that saved file at a later time and use a "Revert to Original" to go back to what you started with.

    I feel the tools are far better than what was in Aperture, for image work, but they lean towards certain types of adjustment, like their names imply. They also use their own RAW conversion. But again, they aren't a DAM, so don't expect batch processing of lots of images. They do layers and layer masks however, which vaults them far above Aperture and more like Ps at least for tasks that require that.

    I find they work best with Lr. In Lr there are two workflows: one where you go RAW in Lr to TIFF in CK and then the CK edited TIFF goes back to Lr. Like Nik's stuff. Another route is RAW in Lr to RAW in CK and TIFF back. The former for stuff you've already edited some in Lr, the second to use Macphun's own raw conversion. Or, as I just noted, use 'em as stand alones and save in their own MPT format. The Photos extensions are essentially certain tools from the CK apps and work nicely, subject to the limitations of Photos.

    I think C1P added clone and heal tools for local work in the most recent edition, but check (just download the demo). Snapheal is easier to use than most, but also sacrifices some control. Download their demo and compare.

    I used C1P and didn't upgrade. They are making progress (they've just added some hierarchical keyword support, for example) but I still prefer Lr. And obviously I can use Macphun's excellent plugins in Lr (or Nik or DxO etc etc), not so in C1P. If you demo it and it has all you need, go for it though. Aperture will be viable for an undetermined time, but for now you could use both, especially if you are using a referenced Aperture library.

    But the answer to your question about the best DAM for Macphun is Lr. Just download 'em and try 'em; it's free. No reason to take our word for it. And BTW, Macphun's Aurora sort of incorporates parts of the CK kit. Worth checking. And Macphun has much better custom support than Phase One in my experience, but maybe they've gotten better. And Macphun's stuff is very frequently discounted, so don't pay full price for it if you decide to go that route.
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    Jan 30, 2012
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    Jan 3, 2014
    Just to add...I used the Macphun apps with Aperture. I migrated to C1P and as stated you don't get full round-trip editing. You can "open with", select the App and file format and it will say create a tiff in the C1P catalog them launch the selected App with it. The trouble comes in that C1P does not receive the image back from the App.

    That said, you can save adjustment sets as Styles in C1P and apply as required, I now have a small library of styles that replicate 80% of what I was using the Macphun Apps for....


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