Any issue encoding videos for a couple of hours?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by xWhiplash, Feb 12, 2017.

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    I have some very lengthy videos, around 2-6 hours. They usually take a about the same amount of hours to encode. Do you guys see if there are any issues doing this on a laptop? I would really prefer to use FCPX as my entire workflow is on that program. My 2010 Mac Pro has become WAY TOO SLOW for encoding lately (even with a GTX 980). Even my 2013 MacBook Pro beats it in the time it takes to encode. I do not want to kill my 2016 MacBook Pro by moving my workflow to that system. And I really REALLY do not want to return the laptop and get the 2013 Mac Pro if I do not have to (even though it is still probably the best for FCPX, it will end up costing more to match the specs of the 2016 MacBook Pro I have).

    I did this a few times on my 2013 MacBook Pro and it still seems to be okay. I know the newer laptops have better heat management so it probably will not get as hot. Do you guys think this will be an issue?

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    No. A laptop's a tool, it's meant to be used as such. Go right ahead.
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    Oct 21, 2009
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    No problem at all. I would estimate that one of my MacBook Pros has around 8,000 hours of the CPU running between 50-100% of its capacity, the CPU temp being close to 200F, with the discrete GPU being used, and the fans running at 6200RPM, and it still works perfectly fine. The 2016s seem to do even better with managing heat than mine, so I imagine heat-related wear will be even less.

    And should an issue arise, there's always AppleCare :)
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    I've done a bunch of Handbrake transcodes, some of which have taken two and a half hours to complete a 3.5GB mp4 to H265 job, without any problems. Just make sure the MBP is on a flat, hard surface, not on a bed or something else that will block the vents.
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    So my 2013 Macbook Pro beats my 2010 Mac Pro in terms of encoding times. My processor on that laptop is not 3.33Ghz like my Mac Pro is. I think my lapt. Should I still try
    When I do a lot of work, I usually close the lid and connect it to my larger monitors and external keyboard/mouse. It is still sitting on my desk, so no issue with that!

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