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Sep 16, 2006
Down south
I love Apple’s leather buckles, but was wondering if there are any out there people like better. If so, which ones?


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Oct 14, 2020
There’s a few mentioned in the aftermarket thread, Hermès is the most oem option you’ll get, The only thing that annoys me about third party bands are the lugs, which is why i gave away my nomad strap to dad ( he doesnt use it either) The leather quality on that is lovely for the price,, but the connector was loose and too bulky looking, ugh


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Jun 29, 2017
Bay Area, CA
Absolutely love Clockwork Synergy bands. Connectors fit great and the leather is super nice and high quality. I own a bunch of their bands for other regular watches too. There are also many Etsy sellers that make high quality stuff, but the connectors may be hit or miss.
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