Any luck with VoIP on iPad??

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Eye4Desyn, Apr 9, 2010.

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    Apologies if this is a repost. I'm curious to know if anyone has had any success with VoIP calls on the iPad? I just read on one of the tech blogs that the iPhone earphones with remote and mic work well for this. However, I was just looking on the Apple store website reviews for these earphones and one of the most recent comments was that they DIDN'T work with VoIP. Poster didn't say to which hardware the earphones were not working properly. Has anyone tried using these? If so, any success/what was call quality like? Has anyone yet paired a bluetooth headset/earpiece with iPad? If so, what make/model/any success/what was call quality like?

    Debating using Skype or Truphone for internet only calls on this thing. I also have GV, but not sure how this would work since it requires a cell phone to use, right? Really would prefer Skype as I know VoIP over 3G is just around the corner. Anyone have anything to add to this - I'm not too savvy in this area :confused:
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    Jan 20, 2010
    Use the iPad's built-in mic with a regular pair of earbuds/earphones :)
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    Skype works very well on the iPad. It's not a universal binary, so it runs in the little window but still works perfectly. I've not used headphones or a mic with it at all - I'm using it as a speakerphone. No problems.

    I noted in a previous post that unlike the iPhone, the iPad does not sleep the wifi connection when you put the display to sleep. So as long as Skype is running, you'll continue to get calls even if the iPad is dark.

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