Any Mac Users' Yahoo Web Mail Hacked?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by ChocolateApple, Jun 26, 2010.

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    Apr 9, 2010
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    This has never happened to me since owning a Mac, so I hope to get some help here.

    I was checking my junk mail account' which is a Yahoo web account, when I noticed non-junk from friends asking why I've been sending them an odd email several days in a row.

    I immediately ran to my Yahoo account on the computer (Mac Pro) and noticed the emails had been sent to my entire Yahoo web contacts list. I tried deleting the account, but received an error.

    Since it's a throw-away account, I deleted ALL email messages, trash, spam, sent, etc. I then deleted ALL contacts and changed the account password as well as other web passwords, especially financial ones.

    I did remember however that after a Snow Leopard disaster months ago, I reformatted my computer. I don't recall reinstalling the Norton antivirus, so I reinstalled it again tonight.

    That said, most research on this was from a Windows perspective or dated articles. I'd like to know whether this has happened to a MAC user, and what your suggestion would be.

    Thank you.
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    Oct 13, 2007
    You don't need to have "hacked" your computer in order to gain access to your e-mail account. Your computer most likely has nothing to do with it. Rather, it was probably a fairly easy to guess password. Changing the password on the e-mail account should be enough (and on any other accounts that use the same password).
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    Right, your info is up on the yahoo server. That's what got hacked.
    Let yahoo know also. If this happened to you it prob. happened to someone else. As a matter of fact I just got e-mails from a few friends that have AOL accounts that say they too got hacked and e-mails were sent to all their contacts. I got one of them. This is prob. a coincidence but it could be a wide spread thing and it happens every day.

    Of course check your system out but also don't download (if you do) your e-mail to your machine. Leave it up on the server and don't click on any attachments!
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    +1 my AIM got hacked which is odd cause the password is not even close to being easy to guess. I just simply changed it.

    Actually I have the feeling maybe a malware got ahold of it because everyone who logged into my friends lappy had their AIM name sending out spam too lol. (Only 5 of us used it, and all 5 got hacked). Its no big deal, just change the password.

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