Any Olympus DSLR owners?


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Jun 13, 2007
Any Olympus DSLR owners? I know they are small in comparison to Nikon and Canon's market share, but I am curious if anyone is using them as their primary camera? With what lenses? I am currently using the E-500 and love it!


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Feb 18, 2006
I currently use the E-500 with both kit lenses and the FL-36 flash. For my money, nothing beats the 40-150 for bokeh. Absolutely blows away all low-price telezooms on the market.

I'm considering the E-3, but will probably wait until Apple adds RAW support through Core Image. Plus by then the price will have depreciated some, so that will make it easier to buy, too. ;)


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Mar 10, 2004
Bergen, Norway
I have the E-400 with the 14-42 kit lens.

Love it.

Of course if I were to buy it now I would have preferred a E-510 (which has some very nice improvements over the earlier models), but at the time I got the E-400 it was, IMO, the best offer available.

There are some very nice lenses available, many of which are quite affordable, and more are coming all the time.

Still considering which zoom lens I'll get for it (somewhat regretting not getting the 14-42 + 40-150 kit, if for no other reason than not having to choose between the Zuiko 40-150 and 18-180 and Sigma's much cheaper 55-200).

Probably going for the 55-200, to be able to afford the - reportedly excellent - Zuiko 50 mm f2 macro. I've noticed that I shoot a lot of my photos at 42 mm with the kit lens for much of the time, and I used to have an all-purpose zoom macro that was my "standard" lens on my old OM-1, back in the days...


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Feb 6, 2006
Don't forget that you can use the Leica 25mm 1.4, 14-50 2.8 and 14-150 3.5 with that camera. The first two are particularly great lenses. The third is also, but is a little slow.


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Jun 25, 2005
I just discovered that 25/1.4 yesterday. If I was in the market for a camera (just got a shiny new 5D today), an E-3+25 'lux would not be the worst combination in the world.

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Feb 16, 2003
Memphis, TN
Another E-500 user here. Both kit lenses + the 30mm macro. I love that lens so much. Probably going to scrape pennies for a while to pick up either the 8mm fish eye or the 11-22mm ultra-wide.


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Mar 14, 2006
Washington, DC

My main camera is the venerable E1, and I also have an IR-converted E330.
Of course, the camera body is not what takes the picture - the lens does.
I use the typical set of 14-54, 50-200, and 50 2.0 macro (soon will have the 7-14).
Nikon and Canon are certainly well-entrenched (and I do like many of Nikon's offerings - both lenses and bodies). However, I believe that Olympus lenses are unbeatable right now in terms of price/performance. They are also designed with 4/3 sensor in mind, and do not come in legacy focal length ranges.
Nikon do make a few nice DX-format lenses, but most of them are way more expensive than Oly equivalents. Oly 14-54 is about $400. Largely equivalent Nikon 17-55 is more than $1000, and it is not even weather-sealed like the Oly. This is the most dramatic example, but you get the idea.
Then there are a few Oly-unique features that I really like for my purposes. Effective dust elimination system is one. Focus by wire is another (I know some people do not like it, but I love it on my 50 mm macro). Of course, the 4/3 system weighs less than other systems based on legacy 35 mm lenses.
Now that the E3 is coming out, upgrading to that new body is a no-brainer for me.


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Jul 25, 2006
paradise beach FL
Well, I guess the L1 doesn't count as Panny is the bastard step-child of the 4/3 scene... but I am stocking up on Oly glass!:p

Actually I believe the E3 will be my next dslr body. So far I have the Leica 14-50mm f/2.8-3.5 and the Oly 40-150mm 3.5-4.5, and waiting for the 70-300mm 4.0-5.6 to be tested, then 50-200mm 2.8/3.5 or 90-250mm 2.8, I haven't decided.


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Jun 13, 2007
I only have the 14-42 lens. Any recommendations on an additional telephoto lense? I want a better "all around" lens since the one I have now is fairly limited. I dont want to spend anything more than $200 (i dont care if its used)


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Jul 25, 2006
paradise beach FL
I want a better "all around" lens since the one I have now is fairly limited. I dont want to spend anything more than $200 (i dont care if its used)
The ZD 18-180mm is a good all around lens with lots of zoom, but the reviews on image quality are mixed, it is slow at the long end of the zoom, and it would be hard to find a used one for less than $200. The ZD 40-150mm 3.5/4.5, if you are willing to carry two lenses is incredibly sharp and fast, considering it's only a 'kit' lens and I just picked one up for $100. Best value.;)

I have never used the 18-180 myself...


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Aug 11, 2005
Behind the lens
Anyone ever changed their focusing screen?

im always in low-light with the E-500, and autofocus flashes away at people trying to focus, blinding them. So im switching to manual focus, which with the current matte screen is a joke.

In low light its hard enough to see if things are in focus within the viewfinder.

With a split circle Id be much better off.

on topic: the Zuiko 18-180 is a friggen awesome lens.


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Jan 1, 2007
San Francisco
Yeah I had the E-500 with the two lens kit. It broke while I was traveling. Just got a new Sony alpha 700 today and am totally in love with it.

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