Any one still have their iP3 in the wrapper?


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Aug 10, 2010
Basically that's what the threads about. Just wondering for no particular reason.
2nd question: why doesn't MR have a bst section?

Blog post follows:

I have it sitting here next to me as I type this..... waiting to either take it back or rip the plastic off and start using it. I was going to pre-order 3 but now I'm glad I didn't as either 1.They produced a hella more than they did of the iP2 2. The demand for the iP3 wasn't as great as for the iP2. I was thinking of swapping it out with someone for an iP1 or iP2 plus $ or phones or ? but haven't made up my mind yet.

I did check it out in the store and thought the screen looked great but thought they should have the 2's and 3's together so you could really see the difference in screens. I also LoL at the 100-150 or so people waiting in line as I walked up at 0805 and was out the door by 0815. I think I saw 2 people move from the line in that time. Walked out the door to a few jeers and hisses and a few under their breath (not so under that I didn't hear lol) "how did he get his so fast" and I simply held up the box triumphantly and proclaimed "Ya gotta pre-order people". And not a Fu** was given as they say.


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Jun 29, 2012
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In OP's defense the two threads are not on the same topic.

Didn't really pay attention to the date, sorry to drag it back from the dead.
I did think it was a bit funny that someone still had an iP3 still in the wrapper. Guess I shouldn't surf the net near the end of a 24 hour shift!