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    i am looking for sites like macrumors mostly for iPhones discussions, if it's not aloud to be posted just inbox me one please.

    I am tired of this site now! since later versions of iOS 8 and now into iOS 9 you are unable to voice an frustration in any forum post at all or you will be scolded by mods, also anytime anything bad is said about Apple (vocing opinions on either side) the post will be immediately closed. Almost seems like we are trying to be "censored"

    This used to be a great site but the above has me wanting to go elsewhere and leave macrumors for good, I love reading both sides of a debate but the "new" macrumors is all one sided. I have not been on here in about a month and haven't really missed it at all, but logging on to read a few threads and the mods are closing and censoring threads like crazy anytime somone disagrees with the minority.
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    Members are welcome to post any opinions - including frustrations with Apple - as long as they're framed within the forum rules. I think you'll find lots of anti-Apple posts if you browse through the forums. The only posts that are deleted are the ones that violate rules, and we see those on both sides of the fence. Posts are never edited or deleted because of the opinions they contain, only because those opinions are voiced in a way that breaks a rule.

    Threads are only closed as a last resort, and then only because they either start out as a violation of a rule, or contain so many insults and bickering that the moderators have to spend too much time on a single thread. In some cases, quite a bit of time is spent weeding out violations so that a thread can in fact remain open. When members report problems as soon as they see them, rather than letting them pile up, it's often easier for us to mange a thread with problems without closing it.

    The point of moderation is to keep discussions going. The safest way to make sure one's own posts don't contribute to a problem is to be familiar with the rules and to reply to other members politely.

    That said, I'm sure you'll get good suggestions here for other forums where you can discuss the iPhone. MacRumors certainly isn't the only alternative.

    If you have questions about specific moderation done to your own posts, you can use the Contact form. If you'd like to have a discussion of a rule on a general level (that means not discussing specific moderation that was done), you can ask about it here. We're always willing to discuss the rules.
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    We have a very thorough vetting process for new moderators that eliminates the kind of people you describe. We look for candidates who are fair, even tempered, balanced and who have the right reasons to be a moderator - for example, wanting to make the community better, rather than just wanting power.

    Still, if you have a specific allegation, please use the Contact form or send a private message to one of the administrators. We take complaints seriously and will investigate.

    All moderator actions are visible to other moderators and administrators, and we work hard to maintain consistency. Borderline post reports are discussed between multiple moderators to reach consensus before action is taken, so no moderator has say over the others.

    When a member appeals moderation via the Contact form, this is always investigated by one or more administrators. Sometimes the member has misunderstood or just disagrees with the rules, and we find that the moderation was appropriate. If a moderator has made a mistake, we'll be happy to admit this and correct the mistake; we're only human, and none of us are perfect. In no cases have we found abuse or deliberate targeting by a moderator, but if we did we would definitely put a stop to it.

    If you submit a Contact form, please provide as much information as you can.

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