Any place to buy GENUINE Apple replacement parts?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by puma1552, Jan 2, 2015.

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    Nov 20, 2008
    Just curious here, not at the point where I need them, but in the event a few years go by and my 7th gen 2009 160 GB classic's hard drive goes out or the battery goes bad, is there anywhere to buy ACTUAL OEM Apple replacement parts? I know there are superior size drives and batteries, but that's not the point - I'd like to keep my classic completely genuine Apple when the time comes to breathe life into it.

    Alternatively, I know battery replacements on the classics are extremely difficult, so another option could be the Apple out of warranty service, where you pay $XXX to basically get a brand new refurbished device. How long after product discontinuation does Apple offer this for a given device, and does your device need to have a serious battery failure, or could you just walk in there and say "Hey my battery is still ok but not great, can I get the out of warranty service replacement?" I imagine they may not allow you to do this since you could get a fully Apple refurbished classic for $1XX.
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    I used

    It's sad that for certain products it seems that Apple put a timing setting for the device to become unusable after 5 years.
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    If you want genuine parts then just take it to an Apple store and have it changed there.
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    i got parts from or once

    i broke the connectors on the interface card on my mac mini once

    mac-pro at one time had part number listings for each computer

    like you could click on mac mini 2006 and it would show u a blow up with all the part #s you need

    they look like they are still in the mac parts business, but the website looks heavily redesigned
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    I did see ifixit before but most parts are used (sorry didn't specify I was looking for new). They do have new batteries, but don't indicate that they are Apple OEM.

    Looks like neither of those sites have any classic parts, bummer.
  6. tombradley6464 macrumors newbie

    May 21, 2018
    Hey, I know this is an old post so I'm not sure if you still have your 7th gen 2009 iPod classic or if you still need to replace the hard drive. I know exactly how you feel, sometimes getting the genuine part is far more important than any replacement part.

    I recently found this local shop who sell apple computer parts. Now, I don't know if they have new parts, but they certainly had genuine computer parts. If you don't see the hard drive that you need, make sure to call them, they may be able to find it for you. I got some parts for my old Mac Pro from them at a very good price, but those parts weren't on their website.

    I hope this helps!

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