Any Pocket Informant users?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by Brewerpaul, Mar 19, 2009.

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    Nov 25, 2008
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    I haven't tried it yet, but give it a few days, and I am sure the big tech sites will start reviewing it. It's pretty much the cream of the crop on the WinMob side so the company is well known, so many of the reviewers/bloggers have used it before and I am sure will be excited to compare and contrast.
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    Sep 13, 2008
    In a few words, superb app that needs more reliable sync. Syncing new appointments often crashed the app. The webIS staff seem right on all the reported bug and feature requests, so I can see PI becoming much faster, more reliable, and easier to use in the not far future.

    Reminds me of when Saisuke first came out. Sync was bad, and there were various bugs. Saisuke is slick, fast, and reliable now.
  4. LostLogik macrumors 6502a

    Jul 9, 2008
    I've got it and love it, though it's not without a few teething snags. But that said, WebIS have always said initial v1 would have problems and v1.01 due out next week (well to Apple) would fix a lot of the issues and provide more functions.

    Although it is a different calendar db, it does keep calendar and ToDo items together, syncing with Google (and thus onto iCal) and ToodleDo. It has a good weekview, the Today view incorporates to-dos and all in all has a lot of potential. Hit a few syncing snags (google uses full XML which needs a lot of RAM) and it does slow down occasionally when switching screens.

    I got in early coz I wanted a weekview and day view incorporating to-dos and was prepared to put up with a few niggles but I can understand others waiting for the next release.

    Also, the CEO is pretty active on the Forum answering all questions (and doesn't seem to be getting much sleep, being present for v.long hours). Good support.
  5. diesel macrumors 6502a

    Aug 3, 2007
    i posted some negative feedback on their forum as well as suggestions on improving the app and apparently their forums are censored so i think they won't "approve" my post. I hate devs that have to do that kind of crap, reminds me of the whole mobilecrap debacle at the end when the feedback was so negative the dev resorted to picking and choosing which posts to actually allow to be displayed. Unfortunately for the PI devs, they don't control what gets posted in the app store reviews and i gave them 2 stars and it seems as if my review has floated to the second spot. If you look at the app store reviews, they are all over the place and quite frankly i can't believe anyone could give the app 4-5 stars in its current state. I think they must have been the original 50 or so odd beta testers or just PI fan boys.

    Anyways, with that said, PI is a great looking app but as others have mentioned the sync is very slow and the UI is "sluggish" and unresponsive when the app is syncing. However i do look forward to the future of PI since i've been a long time user of PI for pocket pc for many years and loved it and watched as the app went head to head with agenda fusion over the years and watched as the app grew into something special. If they can fix the slowness of the app, the iphone version is going to be one sweet app. As mentioned in my app store review, the current version is not worth the money considering the frustration you will experience with syncing and slowness. However, there is NO doubt that the dev will continue to improve the app so in that sense the app is worth the money, just a matter of when you will drop money on it, now or later, because if you are reading this thread, most likely you will purchase the app at some point in time.

    *Edit* my post on their site is now showing
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    Aug 15, 2007
    I used to have PI back on a Treo, so I jumped and got PI for the iPhone. So far, I'd have to say I kind of regret it. Although it looks nice and has some great features (love the swipe to change days), it is a bit slow and has some big holes. For example, I use several subscribed calendars on gCal for things like TripIt. Since PI can't handle subscribed calendars - either directly or though gCal - I can't see any of my travel. This means that as much as I like it, I have to keep the built-in calendar and use PI if I want to invite people to meetings, see a week view, etc. Kind of a bummer.

    However, I have no doubt that PI will continue to improve and plug the initial holes quite quickly. These guys have built the same S/W for about 8 years now and it just keeps getting better.

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