Any point in using Airport Extreme ( Model No. A1354) ...?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by zeppo2, Jun 21, 2011.

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    More to the point... I don't have a modem. In fact, I don't yet have internet. I getting ready to order it, deciding between AT&T dsl and Insight (cable) Broadband

    Bought the airport Extreme in December 2009-- Model No. A1354 (along with an Imac.)

    It was actually for my mother but she can't use it anymore. In fact she stopped using it when she went to an AT&T Uverse package because it came with a cable "gateway" modem/router combo.

    Now that its a year and a half later, since I will have to spend the money on a modem anyway, should I just buy a modem router combo or is it worth sticking with the Airport Extreme and buying a modem only. Or I suppose I could buy the modem/router combo and, assuming there is some advantage to it, add the Extreme to the chain anyway rather than use the router that comes in the combo.

    I'm not sure of the advantages of the Extreme (easier or to set up?; more secure? guest login?) vs the disadvantages (slower than today's routers?, less secure/ no firewall?)

    I don't know. Any thoughts/recommendations?
  2. kellte2, Jun 21, 2011
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    that's still a great router. they updated the radio strength in the 4th gen model, but if I'm thinking of the right part #, that is a simultaneous dual band router. Great even by today's standard. I actually use the same device, and while the 4th gen has a slightly better range, i've never had a problem.

    i'm never a fan of modem/router combos. Stick with this and save some money. It will likely be more capable.
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    Definitely keep the Airport Extreme and be sure to order your service with the "Modem only" package. If they sent you the modem/router combo (like they did with my setup), just bridge their device (i.e. disable the wireless capabilities) and let the AEBS handle everything.

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