Any possibility of connecting iPhone to Xbox 360?

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    Ok so first off let me say that ive done more than a fair share of searching on this topic. So far from what Ive gathered, mostly from old threads, is that it isn't really possible due to the way the iPhones filesystem is configured. Ive been doing some thinking on the topic and I had an idea which im not sure would work or not. I know there are ways to transform an iPhone into a USB storage device on a PC or Mac but I was wondering if anybody knows of a way to get that to work on an Xbox 360? Forgive me if the idea isnt very logical but i dont know alot when it comes down to the technical aspects. If anybody can help me out with any information, Id appreciate it. It really sucks because I sold my iPod Nano 2g which worked with my 360 and bought my iPhone and now it doesnt even work with my 360... :( Why cant :apple: and Microsoft just kiss and make up already???
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    What exactly due you mean by your ipod worked with your xbox 360? Played the music? Stored files?

    From the xbox site:

    You can also see this:

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