Any possible way to return to MobileMe syncing? (Contact syncing problem.)

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    Jul 19, 2007
    When you upgrade from MobileMe to iCloud, it converts your contacts to the CardDAV standard. I didn't know this, and hastily upgraded. This poses a problem for me, because I sync my address book with Daylite, a productivity suite that I need for work. It doesn't look like Daylite can be updated to sync with CardDAV for quite some time.

    It is possible to turn iCloud off, of course, and the contacts return to your computer and can be synced with Sync Services. However, then you cannot get your contacts pushed to your iPhone or iPad.

    One option for me is to use Google Sync. However, despite using programs like Spanning Sync to keep the contacts in sync, there are minor differences in the ways that contacts are saved that pose inconveniences.

    The ideal solution would actually be to just return to MobileMe's syncing. Is there any "creative" method to allow me to do this? I can't think of any way to get MobileMe back.
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    I would like to get MobileMe back as well, trouble is this would only be off the transfer to iCloud or any other sync option as I think apple will switch off MobileMe next year sometime. So annoying isn't it?

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