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Nov 21, 2005
Can anyone recommend a good music playback app for macOS that can playback/upsample files at DSD256? I have an app for my iPad (ONKYO HF) that allows me to use this functionality on my Fiio K3, but on my Mac Mini (running High Sierra), I am limited to the 32-bit/384 kHz range. Mind you, that's pretty good! I do notice some better differences in DSD mode, but I hate the Frankenstein wiring mess I have to suffer to get the iPad to drive the DAC (the USB to Lightning connector has to be plugged into a suitable power source, and then the USB cable from the DAC to the connector). I would much prefer to just rely on the simple, 1 cable solution when the K3 is plugged into my Mac Mini.


Jun 13, 2015
I don't if it meets your criterion for "good", but I use VOX for my dsf library. However, I'm not sure that it outputs a DSD bitstream-- need to buy yet another DAC to find out.

Serge Morozov

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Nov 6, 2019
Let me introduce QXPlayer. I finished this after 2 years of development and experiments. This player can play DSD and a lot of other formats. DSD can play via PCM (if your DAC don't support DoP) or native DSD play via DoP on USB external DAC.
This file based player. While no playlists (will do this in the next version). Now you can play you audio files as in Finder or you can play all files from folder. This as in Finder.
This player tested on OPPO H1 and H2, Hegel, Yamaha A2000, KEF R700 and head phones H850. Based on custom audio engine on C++.
You can find this:
or on web (in dev now but works)
I'm open for critic and new ideas. You can find my email in support section.
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