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    For Ipad2:

    Does anyone know if there is any program or hack that will allow keynote running on the ipad2 to use a remote?

    I am aware of "2 screens" and want to use Keynote - any hack to get a bluetooth keyboard or phone to advance the slides - or anything!
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    May 5, 2011
    Ipad Remote for Keynote - IT's WORKING


    I’m like evryone else wanting a remote to advance slides. Today I got my Apple Track Pad to work with my ipad advancing slides in Keynote though BLUETOOTH. Working perfectly.

    Let me go through steps.
    1. Jailbroken Ipad (sorry only way around it)
    2. Install Bt Stack Mouse – Cydia
    3. Ran Bt Stack Mouse
    4. Put Track Pad in discovery mode (took several attempts)
    5. Once connected – it works like trackpad is supposed to. Pointer as well.

    To use it around the room — press the round rubber buttons on bottom of track pad.

    Currently going HDMI out – working perfectly.

    Cannot backup — but it advances perfectly from across the room.

    OTHER NOTE: Keynote Remote App — with BT Stack Mouse it does recognize “home iphone” but won’t advance to input passcode. Maybe soon that one will work.

    Enjoy your presentations with BlueTooth Remote for Keynote Ipad.

    Just got WeBE++ to control iPad keynote presentation from iPhone.

    Steps: jailbreak iPad and iPhone - sorry only way around it
    Download and install BTstack Mouse - Cydia
    Download and install WeBe++ - Cydia
    Run BTstack mouse
    Run WeBe++

    BTstack mouse will recognize WeBe++ as 'name iphone'
    Connect -
    Run keynote and load presentation - put presentation in play mode
    Click iPhone screen once to advance slides.

    Very nice.

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