iPhone 11 Pro Any review on screen glass strength?


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Aug 30, 2010
Does anyone know if the glass on the screen is as soft as it was on the XS max? That was the first ever phone where I got micro scratches on the glass and needed to put in a screen protector. All other iphones before it were fine.

Concerned on if i should put another screen protector on the 11 max or not


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Feb 9, 2009
I LOVE EverythingApplePro - he's one awesome dude - probably the only tech YouTube vlogger that I watch along with the young Spanish guy who's enthusiasm is just superb!
I watched the drop test on my Apple TV and oh my, I cringed at times. Even EverythingApplePro was impressed by the strength of the iPhone 11 Pro glass.
I miss the phone pouches from a few years back.