any rounded off cases for the iphone 4?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by psywzrd, Aug 15, 2010.

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    So last night I held a friend's 3GS (he had the same case on it that I had on my 3GS as well, the Seidio Innocase Surface) and I had kind of forgotten how great it feels in your hand. I really miss the rounded back and edges of the 3GS, especially since I've been using my iphone 4 naked as I wait for my new Innocase to come. Anyway, based on the pics I've seen here and on Seidio's site, the new Innocase looks pretty squared off just like the 4 itself. I also have a Speck Candyshell and Pixelskin HD coming as well, but I'm not sure how they're going to be either. Holding the 3GS last night really got me thinking about trying to find a case that's more rounded off than square, but I'm not even sure if such a thing exists.

    I understand that the shape of the 4 means that most (if not all) cases are going to be squarish as well, but have any of you guys found a case that makes your 4 feel more like the 3GS in your hand? Please don't turn this into a thread about which feels better in YOUR hand or which one YOU like better. I realize that not everyone agrees with me that the 3GS feels better in your hand, but I'd be very happy if I could find a case that's a little more rounded off while not adding much bulk either. The old Innocase Surface was just about perfect to me so something similar to that would be great. Any recommendations?
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    I can't answer your question, but I have the same dilemma. Every time I use my 3GS it feels so much better. I wish companies like Otterbox or incase would make versions with at least a slightly more rounded back edge.
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    Feb 6, 2008
    I know that making the cases more rounded would probably add some bulk as well but I'd take that at this point because I don't really like the way the 4 feels in my hand. It's just way too square for me. The 3GS felt way better in my hand but there's no way I'm going back now. There has to be a case out there that will make the 4 feel more "3GS-like":p.
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    I held my wife's 3GS lastnight and it felt cheap
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    Jul 26, 2010
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    Looks pretty cool but don't need an extended battery. Really just looking for a thin case that provides a tiny bit of drop protection. Thanks for the recommendation though!

    Keep 'em coming please!
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    Thought I'd jump back in here to let anyone interested know I received both my Innocase and my Speck Candyshell. The Innocase is definitely pretty square. The sides are completely flat; in fact, you can stand the phone on its side while it's in the case. Some of you might like that but I do not. The Candyshell on the other hand is slightly rounded on the sides and it feels much better in my hands. I like the actual material of the Innocase better but the Candyshell just feels better overall to me. If Speck used the Innocase material on the Candyshell, it would be just about perfect. Still, I think the Candyshell is going to be the case I stick with. It's not too bulky, it provides a lot of protection, and it looks and feels great. Definitely a winner if you want soften the hard edges of the iphone 4.
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    Rounded iphone 4 case

    Where is it? Where is it? Software developers where are you? I have talked with several people and also 3gs owners who prefer the rounded edge of the 3gs than the hard edge of the new iphone 4. I thought by now that someone would have made a case with perhaps a rubber edge to it similar to the 3 gs? The new phone which I love and would not change, still does not feel good in my hand as its predecessor did. HELP!
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    Ask the engineer who misplaced the iPhone at the bar a few months back. Wasn't his case designed to make the device look like a 3GS? :eek:
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    Jun 28, 2010
    I asked this same question right after release. Closest i have found is the Speck Fitted. Flat on the back but the sides are completely rounded off.
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