iPad Any Rumor that the iPad Pro might go Pro?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by CrashX, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. CrashX, Jan 8, 2015
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    I would seriously love to do webdev on an iPad. But, for that, I need MAMP and Sublime Text.

    Has anyone heard whether or not the Pro might alternate boot or allow VMs - seems "safe" enough, but what do I know?

    I just took a look at the "Apps for iPad Air 2" on the Apple Site, and it was kinda sad. I bought my Mom the original iPad, which she LOVED, then replaced it with an iPad 2, because of FaceTime. She's 75 and I tried a ZILLION times to get her to use a computer - she was having nothing of it. Since the iPad, she spends at least 2 hours a day on it.

    So it's a great device - but as I mentioned in another thread, they just keep getting thinner and more powerful, to what end exactly? For instance, I thought it was kinda ridiculous to have GarageBand on an iPad with no interface for it. So the fellow found one - only the device has long been discontinued.

    Anyway, not complaining. It's a cute toy - and obviously Apple can pay artists to create some really cool work with the fat nubby stylus thing :) And yeah, apparently there's some App I've never heard of where Hipsters from all over the world can collaborate over the cloud to "create" - wtf is that? Does anyone actually do that? Hipsters do weird stuff, so maybe there is a market for that? Just sitting here in the coffee shop, "creating" with my friends. Look at all the cool stuff we created together, from Portland to Austin and back again. Ain't that cool?

    So just wondering if there's any slight chance of Apple allowing VMs - or if the thunderbolt port might be permitted for something other than syncing or charging.

    I'm hoping a MacBook Air Retina comes out instead of the iPad Air Pro - 'cuz I don't even get WTF is up with iOS, other than itself getting more bloated (and sadly gimped from what I've read). The devices get thinner, iOS just keeps getting fatter so you have to go buy new thinner iThings to run it?

    I thought the silliest commercial I'd ever see were the professional dancers in the Microsoft Surface ads dancing and clickety clacking those silly things - I was in advertising and I was like, "Seriously? This is your ad to boost sales for that thing?" Hey - look, you can dance with it?

    Then Apple actually topped it with Timberlake and Fallon's "Hey, it's bigger" ads. Really, it's bigger - and they shaved off part of a pencil to show it was thinner. Not in the silly "bigger" ads - anyway... but, back to being thinner and faster,

    Great! Now WTF does it DO? I manage my Mom's iPad for her and, based on what I've read, told her not to update to the latest bloat - apparently it was just designed to make her buy a new iPad b/c 8 would make it slower?

    If anyone has any rumors or news on what they plan to do with the power and extra ram, let me know. I've never jail-broken one yet, so maybe that's what you're supposed to do when you get bored with what Apple will let you do with them? I dunno.

    And I've had Apples since the /// - so I'm all loyal and whatnot. I just truly don't get what's the difference between my Mom's iPad 2 and the iPad Air 2? Except one is way more powerful and thinner, but to what end?
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    there's not much difference in capability between an ipad 2 and an ipad air 2. i got an air 2 last year to replace my ancient ipad 1, and was looking forward to a lot of "new" fun stuff. turns out it's pretty much the same, except the air 2 got a camera. sure it got a higher resolution screen and ios8, but it also got worse battery life.

    i'd bet a lot, the ipad "pro" or "plus", if it ever comes out, won't allow alternate boot or VMs. that's just not apple's style. i'd guess it will be slightly faster (a9 processor), have longer battery life and stereo speakers, maybe some "made for ipad" stylus support and maybe function as a second screen to your mac. and it will probably eventually get some of apple's pro apps (logic and final cut).

    as for an interface for garage band - the ipad works with any usb-audio compatible hardware via the usb-camera-connection-kit, which gives you plenty of choice. for example i can connect it to my zoom h4n recorder or my alesis multimix 8 mixer and use them as interfaces for recording in gb. my e-mu midi to usb cable and my korg nano midi controller work as well.

    with the support of audiobus, you can also set up pretty complex workflows now (e.g. have the midi sequencer in cubase trigger a synth in another app and simultaneously record the audio from that synth in cubase).

    but you're right - it's not really a professional standalone tool, but it's usable as a professional companion piece to a laptop or desktop. some professional (as in "earns me money") things i did on it: tag fotos with the mobile lightroom app, use touchOSC to control live visuals, record musical ideas, write & send invoices on the road, use it for notes & mindmapping, create simple 3d models, show presentations to customers, use it on stage for guitar-effects, create storyboards & screenplays, use it as a camera-slate.
  3. CrashX, Jan 8, 2015
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    Thanks. I have the original iPad, because my Mom didn't need it anymore after I got her the iPad 2. It's nice to be able to FaceTime with her, rather than just talk on the phone - for her, it's more like "visiting".

    So I got that stupid "money burning through my pocket" after Christmas syndrome - and thought it'd be really "cool" to get an iPad Air 2. I also have an iPhone 4, which got dropped from Apple's list of crap they support anymore with 8. But sorry, I had that discussion in another thread.

    I just don't see how the economy is tanking, yet people are constantly out buying everything Apple drops every year. But I talked to AT&T, and they said they'd bump me up from my 4 to a 6 for only $15/mo. So I'm considering doing it - just because I also got an expensive DSLR camera for Christmas, and zero interest in photography other than taking photos with my phone. And it's HEAVY. So if I returned it, I could just buy a new iPhone outright.

    But I am definitely gonna wait on whatever Pro comes out - whether it's (hopefully) a retina Macbook Air rather than an iPad Air. 'Cuz seriously, those things are just so freakin' useless. Mine sits in my bathroom so I can check up on the news when I'm pre-occupied.

    But very cool you've gotten so much use out of yours and actually made money with it - that's awesome.

    Anyway, didn't the Airs do away with the "connect to camera" thing? I'm guessing so - because now everything can be "air dropped" - also, any ports would interfere with Jony Ives passion to make things ever more "AMAZINGLY THINNER". That dude really needs a thesaurus, just for "Amazing" and "Remarkable" and "Thinner" :)

    I'm just a grumpy old geezer now I guess. Kids want their shiny new toys, let them enjoy.

    But seriously, wouldn't it be COOL if an iPad could ALSO run Lollipop? I can't really function without OS X, but it DOES make it SO REASONABLE to pay top dollar for a new rMBP - because hey, it runs freakin' EVERYTHING.

    My money-maker is not only using my rMBP on a daily basis - but sitting the rMBP in front of clients and just swiping between the different OS's to show them their sites are working. That's always a good "dog and pony" show :)

    Anyway, I'm in the vast minority. Everyone else is happy with whatever Timmy and Jony are doing. I just haven't been "wowed" by anything since Jobs passed away.
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    If the iPad Pro doesn't come with an enhanced iOS, including split-screen, I think it will not sell well.

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