Any snowboarders in here? Need help with bindings

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Fuzzy14, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Fuzzy14 macrumors 65816


    Nov 19, 2006
    Renfrew, Scotland
    Not a member of any snowboarding forums, reckoned this was as good a place as any:p

    I'm an old boarder, now 33 and still on my original board now circa 1994 Santa Cruz 63" asymmetric (no I've not hit a tree, this was in vogue back then....) I'm a day-trip away from the ski slopes here so I typically ski half the time and board the rest, so only use it about 5 times a year and not really up to date with modern technologies!

    Anyway, I was out on Saturday and my bindings came apart on a heel turn, sending me A for T. Since I don't want to miss Scotland's rare good snow conditions I bought (mail order) a new set of Santa Cruz bindings as they looked like-for-like.

    These have now arrived but don't fit, I see in the intervening years designs have changed somewhat! New bindings now have a disc to adjust the angle however the hole centers are different from my board, quite narrow.


    New on left, old on right. Holes on board just to left of the 6

    Do you know if I can buy adaptor plates to fit between the bindings/board, or can boards be re-drilled to suit? Or are the old-style bindings still available?

  2. iOrlando macrumors 68000

    Jul 20, 2008
    i've never seen bindings like those old ones, nor have I ever heard of some sort of binding plate that can make newer ones fit those holes (looks like 4 holes each in a corner in an invisible rectangle...right?). Granted I am new to it so i'm sure there must be some pairs like that still out there somewhere, but it will be more difficult to find.
  3. rhsgolfer33 macrumors 6502a

    Jan 6, 2006
    Honestly, it might just be time to pick up a new board. I haven't seen or heard of any way to fit newer bindings on a board with an old hole pattern like that. It would probably be easier and maybe even cheaper, to purchase a new board (although I don't know if there are any good used places, etc. in Scotland to pick up a board for a decent deal). You also might get a better ride out of a new board. Good luck man.
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    Mar 11, 2009
    To your left or right
    im in agreement with rhsgolfer33. You can pick up a descent burton snowboard package for about $400. maybe you werent looking to spend that much but like rhsgolfer33 said i dont know of anyway to set new bindings to a board that old. you could check ebay for some old bindings possibly. if you cant find anything there hit up Zumiez. they usually have a lot of good gear on sale. goodluck my dude.
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    Nov 19, 2006
    Renfrew, Scotland
    Hey guys thanks for your time.
    I took my board down to my local shop where the guy hadn't seen anything like it!

    The current holes in the board are in a rectangular arrangement 125mm x 65mm. It appears that all the boards in the shops these days have smaller hole centers, and also many more to allow changing the width of your stance.

    The guy said I would be able to find somebody to re-drill the holes in the board but he wouldn't do it as it's likely to weaken the board. I'm used to skiing where you can re-drill the holes because you are drilling into a thicker bit of the ski. On a board you'd need to fit helicoils, which is always a bodge job.

    I reckon I could make up a plate to adapt it, but the minimum thickness would have to be at least 1 diameter of the screw (6mm) so that would be like adding a big heavy spring under my feet, not good.

    So it looks like I need a new board. When I bought my board in 1994 it cost £400 ($US 650). Amazed that I could get a Ride board for £230 ($US 375). Prices have certainly come down!

    So in short, we've worked out that I can patch up my old bindings using bits from my new bindings (backs and straps) to keep me going, and I'll buy a new board in the summer. TSA have also promised me a loan of a board to try out in my local indoor slope* before I buy. Then my old Santa Cruz will be retired as a sledge for my kids.:)


    * I live on the doorstep of an indoor real snow slope, and 2-4 hours drive away from the 5 resorts in Scotland so I'm strictly a day-tripper. But boarding in Scotland is nothing like the rest of the world (blizzards, storms, ice, rocks)!

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