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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by STC1709, May 9, 2014.

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    If so, is there anyone on here who DIDNT update their phone with the new td ameritrade mobile app 165.2 app? If you didn't my guess is that you still have version 158.1 on your phone and itunes. I'm using 151.6 but like the features and designs of 158.1 but cant stand anything on 165.2.

    My problem is that I had 151.6 saved on my itunes and forgot to update my computer once i installed 158.1 on the phone, and by accident today I clicked update which gave me 165.2, so i had to revert back to 151.6

    I'm wondering if anyone is still on 158.1 and if you are is it possible if someone could upload the .ipa file so i can download it. I've gone through hell and back trying to find the older version but i just cant get it anywhere.

    If you have it and are unsure of where to get the .ipa file, it can be found in music/itunes/itunes media/mobile applications

    Thanks in advance
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