Any suggestions for a mouse and keyboard?

Andrew Ryan

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Feb 22, 2011
I recently ordered a nice imac for editing purposes, but I despise the miniature keyboard and magic mouse. Not sure why apple thinks its a good idea to pair a keyboard the size of a cell phone with their 27" imac.

Anyways, I have looked over a few websites, and can't really find one I like. I wasn't aware that keyboards couldn't be used for any OS, as the logitech I have is the one I'd prefer.

I am using this for writing and editing purposes, if that matters,


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May 16, 2008
Logitech K350.
I have the K350 running on a Mac (OS 10.5.8). The receiver works and you can find the keyboard using the unifying software control panel, but you can't program any of the keys using Logitech software. I'm hoping they get this addressed soon...

Typically, any mouse or keyboard works with any OS. Where you run into compatibility issues is with advanced functions, such as programming buttons and keys.


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Feb 3, 2005
Assuming that still doesn't cut it for you, mind laying out for us just what you like in a keyboard? Is size the main thing? Shape? Color? Keyswitches? What is it about the Logitech you're happy with?

What is it you're not happy with about the Apple keyboard? Is it just the thinness? Is it the lack of the number pad and separate home/forward delete keys? Do you prefer those rubber dome things to scissor switches?