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Mar 7, 2013
Hello, i got iPhone SE since few days and battery life drains very fast, i dont have even downloaded many apps, settings mostly by default
I noticed battery life at idle drains like 7/8% per night
I have heard iPhone battery life at idle is amazing, i am very disappointed
How to improve battery life without doing idiots settings that would disable anything?

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Mar 7, 2013
Two days ago, i am quite disappointed about battery life standby, at idle, it drains very quick


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Oct 17, 2011
Perhaps over the first day or two it was still doing some sync operations related to some iCloud data?


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Jul 30, 2013
I have a 6 and here is what I have done to improve battery life

1. Location Services
-Turn off any location service you are not going to use
-Specific applications will request location services and most people just hit OK when it asks for it
-Under Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Only ones I leave ON are: Find My iPhone, Wifi-Calling

2. Spotlight
-This used to cause some users performance issues...I turn mine off because I never use it

3. Notifications
-Turn off notifications for anything you don't need notifications from
-A few applications I like notifications from, but have set it to just give me a badge on the application icon instead of turning on the screen and popping up

4. Background App Refresh
-I turned this off entirely. I don't need it to refresh and have my application pre-loaded before they open all the time. I will wait the few seconds for stuff to load to save some battery

5. iCloud
-Turn off anything you don't want to sync. I don't sync my photos since they're on my Mac anyways. I also don't do iCloud backups since they never work right for me anyways, so I just occasionally backup to my Mac via cable.

Hope this helps!
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