Any way to have Camera Roll be sorted by "date created" instead of "Date added"


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TL;DR: I duplicated a lot of my "live photos" to still photos to save space. This in effect put 1000+ photos to be put in the front of the camera roll, out of their original order. Luckily the metadata still saved the date the photo was created. Is there any way to get them back in the correct order in my camera roll?

Long version:

I just imported all of my videos from my iPhone 6S running OS11 to my Mac (using image capture in OSX 10.9). I do not use iCloud to store my photos/videos - I sync regularly with my Mac like most people used to.

When I imported all of my videos from my iPhone (by selecting all MOV and MP4 files in image capture), I noticed about 2000 of them were just short video clips for the live photos feature. After separating those files from the rest of the videos, they were in total about 5 GB of space. I'm running somewhat low on space on my 64 GB iPhone, and I never really cared for the live photos; every single one of my live photos I took by accident, not knowing or caring that the live feature was on.

I googled for a way to convert all live photos to still photos, and the answer was to push the "share button", then scroll to duplicate, then press "duplicate as still image". I tried this out for one picture, and it worked fine. I mistakenly thought it was in the correct order because the metadata was maintained (I searched September 2015 in my camera roll and the still picture was there, but I didn't realize it was still at the front of my camera roll).

I converted about half of them thus far, but when I checked my camera roll I realized my fatal error. Now about 1000 of my old pictures are in the front of the camera roll. This really bothers me because when I scroll through my pictures I much prefer they be in order. Is there any way I can get them back in the correct order they were taken? Again, date created is still correct. But the camera roll is organized by "date added" apparently, and considers a duplicated photo a newly added photo.


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Jul 29, 2015
If you do the all photos option I think that only shows it in the order they’re added but if you click the photos grayed icon in the bottom left that shows dates it will be in order.

I don’t think there is a way to change the way you want. I have old pics that I imported that were older than the phone itself and they were put at the end like if it was just taken.

I don’t know if a way to fix it. This is my theory of I’m right