Any way to hide iMessages from other iPad users?

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    Got a friend with an iPad that she shares with a roommate. She communicates with several of her friends via iMessage and she'd like to keep those messages private. When she is at work, she usually leaves her iPad at home and uses her iPhone for calls, messages, et cetera.

    Is there any way to lock out other users from iMessage on an iPad?

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    iPhones and iPads are generally single user devices.

    Can disassociate with her Apple ID.

    Settings -> iMessage -> might have an iMessage toggle to log out. Might be able to log back in without password though.

    Can try Settings - General - Restrictions, and block changes to Accounts.
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    I just tried logging out, and I needed my password to log back in.

    This is about the only way I can think of to achieve what OP's friend wants -- only log in when she's using it. Also, if her roommate also wants to use iMessage, they can log into their own account while they are on the iPad. Each person just needs to remember to log out when they are done.
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