Any way to improve reception?

Jade Cambell

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Sep 14, 2007
At my house, I get a small amount of Rogers Wireless reception from Canada. There is 0% AT&T reception at my house. I can't make or receive calls without the call dropping after 5 seconds, or failing immedietaly. I can get up to 5 bars of Rogers and EDGE, depending on where I am in the house, and of course I have Data roaming off, so aside from a few text charges (75¢ per text I think), I don't pay any huge bills for being connected to rogers.

But it pisses me off. Is there any way to boost reception? Is there any way to convince AT&T to put up new towers on the OTHER side of the island, so that the signal covers the side of the island that currently is lacking cell reception of any kind? See, they've got towers put up on the highest point on the island. I live further down the same mountain, completely blocked from the signal by several miles of solid rock. They need towers on the other side of the island, to reach this side. The little town, and most of the left wing of the island has great reception. But why did they have to neglect my entire neighborhood and right wing of the island?


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Dec 26, 2003
Las vegas
there was another thread about this somewhere. I think those antenna extenders work it makes sense that it is possible.

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