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Nov 18, 2009
Any way to replace IconState.plist on non JB iOS 9.1 iPhone?

...either Programmatic using some private stuff/ code or just some tool to get in and replace that file?

I had some major issues restoring 64 GB backups and had to 'Shift Restore' Nine 02 a few times and unfortunately I got caught on my last try when Apple stopped signing.

I'd like to ideally JB or downgrade but given that I dont see a way to do that now..

..I just want my 1000+ icons to go into original folders.

I have the Plist files saved, just not sure if there's some way to plug that into iPhone so that icons & folders show back up organized.

I am sure iTunes saves stuff somewhere in Sync & Backups and if there was some way to insert/ inject the layout into iPhone directly or segway via iTunes, please let me know. Thanks.
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