Anybody a os x server expert? need help

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    Feb 21, 2009
    OS X Server 4.11 Login Issue
    This box has been running solid for about 2 years now. last thursday users couldn't login. When i reset the DHCP service they could log in again and it would hang about 30 mins later. My work around was to give clients static addresses. It worked for about 8 hours.
    Current problem:
    Can't login with leopard client. I get "an error has occured". I then log in as local admin and remove the system from the directory and re add it. I also went back to DHCP. On reboot the system will see the other network users and log in fine. about 10 minutes later on reboot the login screen just displays "admin" and other "other users" i can then enter the shortname and pass word and it logs in. Then about five mins later on the next reboot same login screen but it says "an error has occured" and will not let me in further. I can ping the server by name always (companyserv1.local) from client. the open directory says the server is responding normally. when i log in when looking at the hard drive on the left where it lists network names i click on the server listed and it says "not connected" when i click on connect as it does nothing.

    Server config:
    (DHCP general)ip range to 100.. router server tab) default domain company1, name servers

    (DNS general) allow zone transfers and recursion.. (Zones tab) name company1.. primary name server companyserv1... primary name server address

    (AFP general) enable bonjour registration and enable browsing with appletalk
    (AFP access) authentication standard.... enable guest access, secure connections, and admin to masquerade.

    (OPEN DIRECTORY general) role is open directory master

    appletalk is enabled on server en0, configured auto.

    Client Config:
    client is set to dhcp and its dns is and search domain is company1. It has the open directory server added "companyserv1" and has ldap3 installed and on auto config.

    Any ideas?
  2. Les Kern macrumors 68040

    Les Kern

    Apr 26, 2002
    You might try moving DHCP off the master or any server with homes. I had the same thing happen ant work with servers tanking with the same symptoms you describe, and through investigation found there was a bug concerning DHCP.
    I moved DHCP to another server and it works perfectly now.

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