Anybody else lose their Apple ext cords while flying? Confiscated?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jng, Aug 20, 2007.

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    Apr 6, 2007
    The attachment is something I took off ebay since I don't have one to photograph anymore!

    Anyway, last time I moved from Germany to the United States I lost my 12" powerbook's extension cord. I was 95% sure I packed it in the side pocket of one of my checked suitcases. But I couldn't find it when I got back and my housemates back in Germany couldn't either. I figured I just lost it in transit.

    10 months later I ended up picking one up at Comp USA for $10 when they were closing to replace it.

    So last week I just moved back to Germany, this time to Munich (and flew with Lufthansa direct from Boston instead of Air France via Paris from Stuttgart). Anyway, my powercable is gone again!

    I don't pack it with the MBP in my carry on because it doesn't fit in my in case sleeve, which includes also my powerbrick, extra battery, mouse, remote, cables, etc. So I stuck it in a checked suitcase, also in a side pocket again (for easy access).

    And when I arrived I tossed my baggage and clothing around and still haven't found it. This is agravating. Can anyone think of what might have happened to it? I called my father and he says there's nothing like it left at home. Plus I am 99% sure I packed it this time!

    Does anyone know where to buy one (in Europe)? Without having to buy a whole new powerbrick from Apple at an outrageous price?

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    Gah, I'm always afraid of leaving things behind on an airplane. Sorry for your bad experience!

    It'd seem like finding an American-plugged one in Europe would be really difficult... unless perhaps you were able to buy it from an international seller on eBay.

    Either that or perhaps if someone on the forum who's also an American expatriate might sell you one?

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