Anybody here actually use Blu Ray > AppleTV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Blazer5913, Mar 22, 2008.

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    Jan 20, 2004
    Just kind of thinking "out loud" right here:

    I am a student in college right now. I am very much into technology and the whole idea of high definition video/audio. At school, we have an EXTREMELY fast internet connection, capable of downloading 10gb files in a matter of no time it seems like (with newsgroups...). So while at school, I've been downloading HD .mkv encodes of new releases. I also purchased an AppleTV and wanted to use it to mainly stream HD content to it and have HD movies at school. The whole process of VisualHub is time consuming, and it seems like the quality just isn't always there, and I also have trouble with a "smooth" and not jittery resulting HD .mp4 file...
    Right now, I am on my Easter Break and back at home. At home, we have a 1080p projector onto a 92" screen, with complete 5.1 surround sound setup, as well as a Samsung S1200 Blu Ray player. Now, ripping all my SD DVD's (movies and TV shows) look great using Apple TV on my 32" HDTV at school. Yet, you put any SD DVD into this specific Blu Ray player (its a fantastic upscaler), and I am just BLOWN AWAY by the quality it outputs. Miles ahead of anything a digital copy via the AppleTV (I know this has nothing to do with AppleTV's capacity and merely comes to down to available bitrates). But now onto the good stuff, high definition content. I just finished watching I AM LEGEND on BD and let me tell you, and I am wondering why I even have an AppleTV. I mean, its great and all, but the quality of this BD is just indescribable. You truly feel like you are thrown into the movie, something I just do not get with the AppleTV's HD movies (even ones rented from iTunes). And you combine the HD Audio (TrueHD, PCM, ect) with the HD special features like making of's and behind the scenes', you've got yourself one hell of a disc. I know for some people it's a matter of connivence to have everything in one place, viewable with the click of a remote, at fairly decent quality. But I was wondering if anybody else on here is like me and feels like why not get the ABSOLUTE BEST that a film has to offer? I feel like I'm stuck now because I had all these robust plans for my AppleTV and now it just seems like BD is a hell of a way to go quality wise, for both SD DVD and AppleTV. Please, someone just help me figure this **** out! Haha, thanks guys, let me know what your thoughts and opinions on this matter are...
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    I think that the bottom line is that the AppleTV isn't aimed at A/V nuts like us. Getting movies on there from iTunes is cheaper and easier than going out and buying/renting BluRay disks.

    Though, I would also say that BluRay isn't aimed at the mainstream, and we're the only ones who really care about HD video content.
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    Sep 14, 2007
    I have Blu-ray, HD DVD, and an Apple TV, but still find a way to appreciate the Apple TV. On my Apple TV there are kids' movies, movies that aren't on Blu-ray/HD DVD or movies like Office Space where a perfect picture really doesn't add much.

    I mainly use the high def movies as a "complete" movie experience....popcorn, all the lights out, recline back. My Apple TV gets plenty of use because of all the content that it has access to plus there are often times when I just want to quickly watch something while I'm doing something else.
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    Well this makes me feel a bit better, I'm not alone on the issue. So basically for your HD needs, you stay away from the AppleTV and stick to the true source: Blu Ray. But when it comes to Podcasts, my music and photos on my TV, the AppleTV does do a pretty good job. But good lord those Blu Ray's look amazing, haha. Thanks guys
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    Oct 13, 2006

    Office Space is one of my all time favorites. I have BD and have been thinking of grabbing and apple tv for streaming and SD movies. I have been trying to wait until the catalog fills out a bit...but I'm feeling the itch. I want to dump satellite altogether and go ATV and netflix.

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