Anybody here with Paypal experience?

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    My mother sold two of her books and has a business Paypal account. The customer that bought her book gave her the credit card information. My mother now wishes to process that payment through Paypal. How does she go about doing that?

    Does the customer need to have a Paypal account also? We are trying to find a location where she can process the payment. We could not where we can click on something. Can this be done without putting a "Buy Now" on a website? I hope someone can help. Thank you.
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    The feature you're looking for, I think, is called "Virtual Terminal," but it isn't free.

    You may be able to follow this link:

    Or to be safe, log in to Paypal, then click Products & Services, and then find Virtual Terminal at the bottom center.

    If the pricing of Virtual Terminal isn't satisfactory, and the person has a Paypal account, they can also just paypal her (have her give them her paypal e-mail address, and they send her money using whatever source they wish -- which will probably also incur her fees if she is a Paypal Premium user, but can be free if it's an instant transfer, I think, and both sides have personal accounts).
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    You don't need to take buyers credit card infomration for the payment. Rather there are two ways to pay by paypal.

    If the buyer has paypal account, you give your paypal email id (email ID you use to login to the paypal account) to the buyer and buyer will send money to that ID which will get deposited into your account

    Other way is you can create and send an invoice to the buyer and buyer in turn can pay that invoice. I believe this does not require buyer to have a paypal account. After clicking the link buyer will be directed to paypal site where he can either login to his/her paypal account or pay by his credit card.

    If you go to paypal help and search for receiving money you may find some useful infromation
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    That's exactly right. It's very easy, the buyer doesn't have to have an account, nor do they have to give you their personal information.

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